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OU grade boundaries? Care to share your experiences?

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LarvaeLamp Tue 04-Oct-11 12:51:43

Instead of revising, I am wasting time working out my OCAS and OES...

In previous courses, I have got Pass 1's, with OCAS of 86 and OES of 84. Now I know you are meant to get 85 in both to get a Pass 1, but I wonder how much variation there can be? Has anyone here got a Pass 1 with a much lower OCAS or OES? Do you only get pulled up if the higher of the two is much higher?

Humour me, this ruminating is better than what I am revising smile

LoosingBattle Wed 27-Feb-13 20:22:32

I only got 74% in my TMAs on last course, but managed 95% in exam - got my my first (and no doubt last!) distinction smile

MsJinnifer Mon 20-May-13 14:00:10

My daughter is taking an single OU module (a requirement of starting a PGCE in September) and has just found out about "Grade capping". She has scored over 85% on her OCAS but is really worried that if she gets say 55% in the exam, she can only get a Pass 3, because you get awarded a grade that is the lower of the OCAS and OEM. This even though she was told that the grade would be awarded on a 50%/50% basis. Is she correct? Or will there be a cap at Grade 2, but still taking her OCAS into account a bit?
I am still a mum, even if she is 26! The OU handbook is no help and she has tried to get more info herself, to no avail. they will only say "you have to get 85% on both element to get a Pass 1."
Thanks -- this thread is the most helpful info I have found anywhere! smile

SwedishEdith Mon 20-May-13 17:40:55

Theoretically, you get the lower of your scores. However, anecdotally, I know of people who have had less then 85 on both OCAS and OES and still got a distinction. There is scope for flexibility.

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