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My course has started today!

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cazboldy Sat 01-Oct-11 22:47:10

I have just started my first OU course......

I am aiming towards a BA in English Lang/Lit and eventually becoming a primary teacher!

Don't know whether to feel excited or to panic!

Anyone else in the same boat?

Prolesworth Sun 02-Oct-11 09:31:46

Good luck caz!

mixedmamameansbusiness Sun 02-Oct-11 11:01:50

Good luck. My history BA starts on 10th Oct - very excited.

cazboldy Sun 02-Oct-11 20:49:04

Thanks both of you, and Good Luck to you too mixedmama smile Which module are you doing?

mixedmamameansbusiness Tue 04-Oct-11 10:00:55

America (entire history from invasion (or colonisation).
Modern East Asia (very excited and dauting)
Europe since 1800 (my safety bet)

mixedmamameansbusiness Tue 04-Oct-11 10:02:09

What modules have you picked Caz? It was a toss up between English and History for me, but I decided I could still read and indulge (assuming I have the time of course).

dawntigga Tue 04-Oct-11 10:14:25

2nd year fashion over here.


lostinwales Tue 04-Oct-11 10:29:44

I'm starting my second OU course this week (TU100 My Digital Life) and I'm quite excited. I've just completed MU123 which is the maths component required for the Computing and IT degree but I enjoyed it so much I'm thinking of doing more maths and switching to a degree in Computing and a second subject and having maths as a second subject. And now I need to get off MN and go and do some work, thank's for starting this thread and reminding me grin.

Good luck everyone.

milk Tue 04-Oct-11 10:46:22

I am studying the OU course A363 Advanced Creative Writing (60pts, L3).

I have studied A215 Creative writing (60pts, L2), A176 Start writing plays (10pts, L1), and T189 Digital photography: creating and sharing better images (10pts, L1).

I do not know what I'll do with it, but its free so I thought I might as well do it :P

TeddyMcardle Tue 04-Oct-11 10:50:33

I've just started with the OU, DD101, Social Sciences, good luck everyone!
Kinda panicking about where I'm going to find the time to think with ds, but I'm sure coffee and late nights will be my friend!

Lol25 Tue 04-Oct-11 11:23:15

I'm half way through a p/t psychology degree which is 6 yrs long all together! Had my second baby in my second yr so have no idea how I managed to get through last yr!? Us mums just seem to be able to cope with anything I guess, don't we :D Well done us!

cazboldy Tue 04-Oct-11 12:27:45

mixedmama - i am doing compulsory module Aa100 the arts past and present, which is very broad spectrum and can lead on to lots of things. Eng lit, history, music,philosophy,religious studies, etc etc am aiming to do english Lang,lit Ba but toying with doing history too.... I like both!

Lol25 - I hope i can juggle - I also have 5dc and 3 horses!

Hi and good luck to everyone else smile

MrsChemist Tue 04-Oct-11 15:03:23

I start S283 (planetary science) in a month's time. The website opened yesterday though, so I've been reading the set texts and making notes for my first TMA <swot>

HoneyPablo Tue 04-Oct-11 18:28:19

I am 3 weeks in my top up BA Hons in Early Childhood. I have to present a presentation for my dissertation proposal on Monday. I am dreading it- I hate presentations, but I am very passionate about my subject- the benefits of risky play and how practitioners can support children to engage in risky play.
caz, you will need to juggle with 5 children and 3 horses grin
Good luck everyone!

bananamam Wed 05-Oct-11 08:39:10

Hi I am heading for English literature too!!! Just started EA300 children literature level 3. It's my 4th year of study (I've had an 18 month break as DD was young as was DS).

I have done AZX103 An introduction to the humanities, T189 Digital photography, A215 Creative writing, A363 Advanced creative writing, so two level 1 courses, one level two course and two level 3 courses.

I did do approaching literature when I was pregnant but I had chronic morning sickness so had to stop. Which would have meant my current course was my last but now I need to do one more next year to complete my degree.

Good luck to all!!!

cazboldy Sat 08-Oct-11 13:56:42

Had my first tutorial on thursday night, and feeling a bit better about the course now. The tutor seems really nice, and it was good to meet people in the same boat as myself.

looking forward to starting the course properly now!

IloveJudgeJudy Sat 08-Oct-11 15:30:46

Have just started BA (Hons) in German and English. Just got the material today - L193 Rundblick Beginners' German. Can anyone tell me what a TMA is, please?

keynesian Sat 08-Oct-11 15:56:58

A TMA is a 'Tutor Marked Assignment'.

IloveJudgeJudy Sun 09-Oct-11 13:19:50

Thank you for that.

mixedmamameansbusiness Wed 19-Oct-11 13:38:07

Is everybody doing OU then? I am in awe of you all then. I have such terrible discipline that I NEED to be in a classroom. First week last week went well and I am managing the core and some of the recommended reading and have made essay decisions and planned my timescales to get them all done (3 in all) by 12th December eeeekkk.

Caz English was soooooo tempting but I still try to read which was basically the appeal (I lack the time though, 3 DC here 5,3 and 7 months - but 5 DC and horses, I take my hat off to you). DS2 wants a horse!

GreyRosesAreMyFavourite Thu 20-Oct-11 11:18:15

Ooh, I'm doing the same course - Arts Past and Present! grin what do you think so far?

cazboldy Fri 21-Oct-11 22:55:24

enjoying it so far!

loved cleopatra, didn't think i would like faustus, but do! tbh dreading cezanne though...... really out of my comfort zone!

yes mixedmama.... was going to actually attend a uni , but trying to work it all in was a nightmare..... ou is good as it is so flexible.... seems to be working so far anyway! smile

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