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Would the benefits of going into college for an extra day of self study outweigh the costs?

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MetalSian Sat 24-Sep-11 10:56:04

My course is classed as full-time but I am taught in class for one day a week 9-6.
I am currently debating whether it would be worth me going into college for an extra day/half day with DS in the nursery to study without interruptions and with the resources at hand.

I am a recently single parent so studying at home will be limited to when DS is asleep (he is 2) and whenever I can get people to look after him for a couple of hours.
I'm trying to decide this now as student finance have sent back my childcare grant forms as I apparently filled them out wrong, so I will need to adjust them for the extra day now if I do decide to.

Going in an extra day will basically double my weekly costs for this course.
I will have to pay another £10 train fare and for the extra day for DS at nursery.
I live 30 miles from the college so if I do need to speak to my tutor/teachers it would be hard outside of class without this day.
We have a timetabled tutorial from 6.00pm - 7.15pm after lessons on my one day in but I have to get my son from nursery at 6 so this won't be possible.
I am supposed to be doing atleast 18 hours of self study a week.
And I work part time on a saturday for 6 hrs.
I am not worried about DS being in nursery the extra day/half day as he really enjoys it and I think he will benefit from being there.
I will need to ask them if they have any spaces on other days for him though.

I am trying to weigh up if going in to self study at college this one extra day a week would be worth the extra travelling and costs.

Anyone have any experience with this that could lend me your point of view?

Sorry this is a bit all over the place, just trynig to let you understand my situation. =].

Atwaroverscrabble Sat 24-Sep-11 15:42:19

At what level is your course?

Do you think you will be always disciplined to use that day to study every week or will you use it up on chores etc?

Is the nursery near college or home? Could you use the day without going into college and spending the £10 on fares?

I would probably apply for funding for 2-3 extra days and use them to really get ahead with studying so that if your dc is ill and you have to miss college you wont fall too far behind.... If you don't apply you won't get it and its always worth a shot....

MetalSian Sun 25-Sep-11 12:01:22

The first year is Level 4 and second Level 5.

I think I would be determined to use that day to study more if I had to go into college, then I wouldn't have the choice to do housework =].
The nursery I use is on the college site but I can look into the one in my town.

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