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Applying for 2012 Uni entry...Anyone?

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SeekingKnowledge Wed 07-Sep-11 12:28:34

Hi All,

I'm hoping to apply for 2012 entry to Wolverhampton to study Interpreting BSL-English.

Anyone else beginning the UCAS application saga? confused

peggotty Wed 07-Sep-11 12:32:47

Hello smile. I'm going to apply to do occupational therapy in 2012. Have got so much to do before I can even apply - sort out adult numeracy course, arrange job shadowing and/or work experience, hunt out all my old qualification certificates .... Feeling a bit overwhelmed actually, and wondering about how I'll cope doing the degree ( if I get in!) with 2 young children

SeekingKnowledge Wed 07-Sep-11 12:43:15

Hi peggotty. I've only got onw child, DS is 1.5. Its the student finance, childcare grant and housing that is doing my head in. It seems that every'flipping'body wants my DS's original birth certificate. You going to move for uni or study locally?

At least we have until xmas to sort everything out. You might be able to look at your local NHS website and look on the 'work experience' or 'volunteer' page to find shadowing.

Good luck

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