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Anyone starting Children's Lit in Oct?

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Ismeyes Sat 30-Jul-11 22:21:13

I think there might be someone around doing this (Nicecupoftea? JetBlackCat?). I'm just working my way through the reading list and would like to find anyone else who might be too?

Sharpkat Sun 31-Jul-11 09:31:53

EA300? If so, then I am smile

Would really like to know other people doing it as have had a few years off but got to finish my degree before the higher rate fees kick in.

Am reading Swallows & Amazons at the moment.

Ismeyes Sun 31-Jul-11 16:25:24

Yes, EA300 smile

This is my first level 3 OU course and if I get through I will be halfway through my Literature degree, so downhill from there!confused

I'm currently reading Coram Boy. Swallows and Amazons keeps strangely moving to second to last of my bedside pile, with Little Women resolutely at the bottom! I might wait until I get the assessment booklet as I've heard there are some options for the TMAs so may not be necessary to get through the whole reading list....hopefully!

Sharpkat Sun 31-Jul-11 20:37:06

Swallows and Amazons has not been as bad as I thought! Coram Boy is next on my list.

This is my first level 3 course. In fact I have not studied for a while. Did a level 2 last year but had a really bad tutor and by the time it got to the exam I only had 3 TMAs back and didn't feel comfortable sitting the exam so withdrew.

I still need 180 credits to finish my degree in childhood and youth studies. Means I have to commit to the next 3 years to avoid higher tuition fees. So am in this for the foreseeable future smile

We'll have to motivate each other through this one - something tells me it is going to be a lot of work!

queenoffairies Tue 02-Aug-11 10:16:30

yup, me too (aka JetBlackCat). Just got my results for A215, which are not as good as I hoped - so I really need to pull my socks up for Children's Lit, which will hopefully be my last course!

I am all up for motivating each othersmile

Ismeyes Tue 02-Aug-11 19:30:35

Have you started the reading list yet queen? (i also had a former incarnation!) I'm sure you will get through last course and then just think, it will all be over!

Ismeyes Thu 04-Aug-11 14:35:46

Finished Coram Boy yesterday, really enjoyed it! Maybe I will have to bite the bullet and pick up Swallows and Amazons next, although in honesty I'll probably go for Roll of Thunder.

I enjoyed Junk and the Other Side of Truth too. Northern Lights was surprisingly enjoyable - so much so that I now have the second one in the series to read.

I have a pen and folder ready, I'd just like the study stuff now!

Sharpkat Thu 04-Aug-11 22:22:36

Coram Boy is much better than I thought it was going to be. Hoping to finish over the weekend and then on to Treasure Island for me. smile

Hope I can remember them all in a few months.

tartanbuggy Fri 05-Aug-11 08:33:54

I'm thinking of registering for this course to start this October. The course I'm doing finishes in October with an exam - yuk - so there would be a bit of an overlap. Do you get a reading list when you register or do you have to wait for the study pack to come out? Actually, when does the study pack come out?

queenoffairies Fri 05-Aug-11 12:58:36

I havent started any reading yetblush I needed wanted to take a proper break between finishing A215 and starting this one. So, now that I have my result, I think I should really start reading soongrin

I have just added the reading list to my amazon shopping basket, so - when funds allow - will order them. I love Roll of Thunder, having read it at school. Do we have any idea which books we should be reading first?

Tartan - if you look on the module description on the OU site, it provides a reading list, but read it carefully, there are a couple of 'either/or' choicessmile

Ismeyes Fri 05-Aug-11 21:42:15

No idea which ones I should be reading first, so just going on whatever takes my fancy.

Tartanbuggy, the study pack comes out in October. There are quite a few books to read, but they are children's books, so not too difficult if you set your mind to the task. I think it works about around 9 novels, a poetry collection, and 1 picture book and Peter Rabbit.

tartanbuggy Sat 06-Aug-11 09:46:57

Thanks queen and Ismeyes! I've found the reading list on the OU site and have printed it off. I've already read some of the books, albeit many many many years ago when I was a child. My dad bought "Swallows and Amazons" for me when I was in hospital getting my tonsils out; in fact I think my parents still have the book at home. My dad never throws anything away grin.

I know what you mean about reading children's books, in fact, I'm looking forward to it. Mind you, I don't suppose I'll be saying that when TMA time rolls up.

Ismeyes Sun 04-Sep-11 07:29:54

Have you all had the materials yet? I just need to plough my way through the rest of 'Little Women' and then I have completed the reading just in time. I'm enjoying 'Little Women' more than I thought, although the characters make me slightly irritated in the same way I felt about Pride and Prejudice. Guess I won't be doing 19th Century Literature next then.

All I want to know now is what the assignments are! I was so excited to get the materials pack as I like to read through what will be facing me over the next few months, only to find no assignments because it will be online.

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