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childcare funding whilst at uni - anyone the faintest idea?

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treedelivery Tue 19-Jul-11 11:19:13


DH is starting a degree full time in sept and I'll be the main earner. So apparently we can perhaps claim for childcare fee help, but has anyone the faintest idea how much?

I know it's up to 85% but I'm wondering what the earning thresholds are. I assume 85% is for minimum age earnings and then some sort of scale operates.
We haven't used childcare before, always relying on gps, but now would be an ideal time to start as the gps are finding the childcare exhausting.

I work 12 hour random shifts so it's all a total nightmare. I have to find somesort of flexible wrap around care, whilst having no idea what and if we3 can afford it. SO I'm asking providers to fill in a form for a child they maynever have the care of! This system sucks!

Any indication of how much help would be available would be really really good!

P.S. I earn £24k per annum, or thereabouts. Anyone with similar income that would be prepared to say how much childcare help they got? Or any indication at all?

Atwaroverscrabble Tue 19-Jul-11 14:44:07

Will yout dh be getting any funding? If its his first degree he may be able to get a childcare grant or even apply to the universities access to learning fund for assistance...

I dont think you will get tax credit help towards childcare as you both need to be in work of at least 16 hours per week but it mught be worth calling the tax credits help line for advice....

How old are your children? Make sure dh tells uni he has children /childcare reaponaibilities as they timetable any seminars to be as child friendly as possible and he should be in those rather than the late evening slots!

Atwaroverscrabble Tue 19-Jul-11 14:47:08

And dont forget, full time degree is not always 9-5 so dh will be able to look after the dc some of the time and the semesters/terms are short and timetabled in advance... Dh will soon learn to study while dcs are in bed!

rattie77 Tue 19-Jul-11 14:55:24

Hi, I don't know if things have changed recently, but when I was completing my MA 18 months ago, I got no help with childcare at all. My DH works f/t and as part of my degree I had to complete a f/t work placement for 6 months (5 days a week, 9-5). This meant putting my 3 month old in f/t childcare (nursery) at approx £150.00 p week. I filled in the relevant form to claim help but was advised that as my DH earns more than £8,000 per annum we would not get any help at all. I was astounded, so I tried tax credits, but even though I was "working" full time, as I wasn't getting paid, I was not classed as working so not entitled to any money. We have no grandparents available to help so it was either finish the last few months of the course and fund it ourselves and get my qualification or give up. My husband was not on a high wage approx £18,000 and we had teenagers to support to, so it was a huge struggle and many a week passed when I felt like giving in, but stuck with it. I did try Access to Learning fund, but only was given a small amount really, but it helped somewhat. I really hope things have changed and that you will be eligible for help - good luck.

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