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What is a foundation degree?

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Grabaspoon Mon 04-Jul-11 15:08:01

and is it any different to a "proper" degree?

I am very interested in doing : Foundation Degree: Early Childhood.

However will I end up with a degree at the end of it or just a bit higher up the NVQ structure. I am a level 3 nd I know it covers 4 and 5 so will I just be a level 5 NVQ not a graduate?


flipthefrog Mon 04-Jul-11 17:27:23

you'll get a level 5 but will have the option to do the last year and have a full degree. i've just finished the first year of one and it's been really interesting, lots of work but you get used to it!

notsoqueenofclean Mon 04-Jul-11 17:30:37

You will be a graduate, with the option of topping your FD up to a BA.

It's very hard work, it takes over your life, but it is definitely worth it. Only downsides have been a lack of financial recognition but then this is early years!

Grabaspoon Mon 04-Jul-11 18:51:58

Haha Notso - yes childcare isn't the field for those aspiring to be wealthy!

Thanks for the info - will def put my name forward then grin

purepurple Thu 07-Jul-11 17:43:35

A foundation degree is still a degree, only at a level 5 and not a level 6. They are designed for people already working in the industry.
I have just returned from my graduation ceremony, today, after 3 years of studying for my foundation degree in professional practice in the early years.
We had a fantastic ceremony in the Winter Gardens at Blackpool, all in our gowns and caps.
I am doing a top up year in September to a BA Honours degree in Early childhood.
Good luck Grabaspoon!

saxony Thu 07-Jul-11 21:36:14

Hi, I too am interested in doing an Early Years degree, with the OU. However I am not currently working in a school and wouldn't be able to give up my current job until I qualified to work in childcare. Would this degree be suitable in my situation?

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