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Advice needed from those of you who got your thesis done...I'm hyperventilating..

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clutteredup Mon 27-Jun-11 16:03:24

Sorry long one...
I am finally coming to the end of my 6 year MEd (got an extra year ofr maternity leave as DD2 turned up rather unexpectedly - students eh hmm ) but I am in a complete panic about my thesis.

Its due in on 15th September so with binding I'm thinking 1st September but the summer hols are fast approaching which will make it worse. I'll not be working at least but all 3DC will be at home .

I've done the lit review - needs a lot of editing, and my methodology, but for various reasons I haven't got the research done, I'm waiting on the head to let me know when I can do it, she has promised but time is slipping away with only 4 weeks left of term. I'm panicking as I can't get any more of a move on till I've done it, I'm waking in the night , panicking and generally going into meltdown.

I need some stress busters, also I'm terrified. I've done fine so far, I've got Bs on all my coursework, and a couple of As and at this stage I'll be happy with a scrape pass but I'm so scared I will fail I'm feeling like I'm self sabotaging - I'm trying to apply for a job but can't seemto write the cover letter as I'm talking about my masters and I'm thinking 'what if I fail'.

Please help..write it for me...let me wake up nd it will allbe over grin

Socy Tue 28-Jun-11 13:47:25

You do need to get the research done - can you pin the head down and explain how important this is to you? She has probably forgotten about it or doesn't realise how key it is for you.

Ok, so this is cheating a bit but if you have some inkling of how the research might go (what your key findings are likely to be) could you start drafting some of your data chapters? Is there any chance of help with the DCs over the summer - grandparents nearby maybe?

Have you spoken to your supervisor? He/she may be able to help with an alternative if this research doesn't happen for any reason. It would be a good idea to flag up this possibility sooner rather than later, especially as it is often hard to get hold of people during July/August.

Sorry I can't be of more help. Good luck.

BelladiMamma Wed 29-Jun-11 13:56:04

I moved in with my Mum last 2 weeks of thesis and she got children up and put them to bed pretty much with me just sweating it out night and day. Literally. Hideous but did the trick. Good luck.

clutteredup Sun 03-Jul-11 16:05:56

Thanks for the help / suggestions.
I have been trying to come up with alternatives and am seeing my tutor next week. I'm hoping the head will be in a better mood this week and will be a bit more communicative. Last night I replanned it so I could fit it in in less time and get the kids to write down what they are thinking when they do the work as I'm not going to have time to interview them individually. In emergency I'm just going to have to muster my friends children in the holidays and muddle through with that.
I'm thinking that instead of family holiday that DH takes DC to his parents and leaves me at home to get on with it - I'll take them all away at half term to make up.
Still panicking, I just want to get it done.

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