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Those of you who have studied more than one module at a time with the OU

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craftynclothy Mon 27-Jun-11 11:31:28

Long story short, I'm currently doing a level 2, 30 credit module and it's not too much work. I'm easily reading the material during the day with the kids around and completing work at an evening or weekend.

I'm planning to take the next module in the same subject from Oct-June. It's another 30 credit, level 2 module.

However I want to start a level 3, 30 credit module in Jan (to run until Oct) and am wondering if this is a really bad idea.

Anyone able to give me an idea of the step up from level 2 to level 3? or the jump in workload adding a level 3 module on top of a level 2?

BerylOfLaughs Mon 27-Jun-11 21:16:17

I started a level 2 30pt course in October and recently sat the exam. I started a 30pt level 3 course in February and it has been seriously tough. Frankly, the level 2 course was not particularly hard but the level 3 has been a shocker. I'm also going to be doing a L2 and a L3 summer school this summer.

From next Feb I'll be doing 2 L3 30pt courses but I am prepared and have bought all the books already and will be starting the reading early.

These are Science courses, I have no idea about other modules. I found a huge jump between L2 and L3.

KatyMac Mon 27-Jun-11 21:42:59

I struggled with the jump from level 2 to level 3 as well

I did a 30 pt Oct - Apr & a 60 pt Feb - Oct & it looks like I have failed the 30pt one

craftynclothy Tue 28-Jun-11 12:47:55

Thanks. I'm doing a computing course so at least there isn't a huge amount of reading to do.

It's annoying because I have the option of doing a 30 credit level 2 module worth 30 credits that I would find pretty easy but if I want to do something more useful for a future job I have to do 30 & a 20 credit level 2 modules...which means everything starts to overlap because they've changed the way they do the diploma so it has to be finished by Dec 2014. The new diploma needs twice as many credits hmm

KatyMac Tue 28-Jun-11 16:12:44

Which one?

craftynclothy Thu 30-Jun-11 10:37:11

D12 Diploma in Computing.

Currently doing M255 Object oriented programming with Java (L2 30 credits).

Current thinking/plan is to do:
Oct 11-Jun 12 M267 Putting java to work (L2 20 credits)
Jan 12 - Oct 12 M359 relational databases: theory and practice (L3 30 credits)
Oct 12 - Jun 13 MT264 designing applications with visual basic (L2 30 credits)
Feb 13 - Oct 13 M256 software development with java (L2 30 credits)

craftynclothy Thu 30-Jun-11 10:39:58

I'm also debating the option of swapping M359 and M256, which would mean doing all the java first then the other stuff, which is what others seem to be doing.

The reason I'm not sure about that is that I thought it would be easier to overlap the level 3 module with the 20 credit module.

KatyMac Fri 01-Jul-11 07:45:13

Sound very techy

my list is over here

But I'm doing systems/change management basically

mollymoocow Mon 11-Jul-11 18:01:11

I have ovelapped on 60 point courses for the last two years with the OU with and 2 & 4 year old when I started, whilst working 20 hours a week and being a single mum so as long as you are organised and enjoy the subject you are studying it is perfectly possible.

That is not to say that it was always easy but I just kept my 'eye on the prize' drank lots of coffee and ploughed through. I graduate in September with a BA (hons) History so it was all worth it grin

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