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starting uni but need nursery deposit (5 weeks fees in advance)

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lilly153 Fri 24-Jun-11 18:01:05

was wondering if anybodys in similar situation, i start uni in september ive just went onto income support so cant apply for any loans or anything through them, i will be living off saas and student loans but saas no longer help with childcare cost
i need to come up with over £500 for nursery fees in advance i also have my ds birthday and liven off income support for the next 10 weeks i dont see how i can manage it im so stressed with this
i need to pay them the full 5 weeks fees atleast 2 weeks befor he starts the nursery

purepurple Sat 25-Jun-11 08:11:33

Have you explained this to the nursery?
I have applied for a student loan myself and have paperwork that says my first instalment is due at the beginning of September. Have you got anything similiar that you could show to the nursery?

scarlettsmummy2 Sat 25-Jun-11 08:15:47

have you contacted your local council- they may have funding available for this. I know in edinburgh the council will pay first month fees for those who are going back to work but haven't got tax credits etc set up yet. I am not sure if this will apply to uni but it might be worth asking them.

lilly153 Sat 25-Jun-11 08:55:24

Yeah I've spoke to the nursery told them i would struggle to pay it but they said they can't offer any special treatment to one parent and not others so fees need to be paid at least two weeks in advance, never heard of councils doing that will have a look into that Thanks, I dont think the uni will help put because i havent actualy started yet will they?

mummytime Sat 25-Jun-11 09:26:03

You could approach a local charity such as the rotary club, they may be able to help. The uni may help, there may be a hardship fund. Is this a university nursery btw?

lilly153 Sat 25-Jun-11 15:46:48

yes they do have hardship funds but im not sure i would qualify for anything as i wont have actualy started yet for all they know i could take the money and run, im going to phone them on monday and chance my luck for some help anyways
and yes the nursery is on the university grounds but its a private nursery so they only keep a certain amount of places for the students but i think thats because the lecturers take up the rest of the places with their children, i phoned the university one day and asked if they could put me through to nursery but the not so nice reception ladies was very clear the nursery had nothing to do with the university and she couldnt put me through
so im not sure if they work with the uni in anyways :/

purepurple Sun 26-Jun-11 17:15:47

Is this any good?

lilly153 Sun 26-Jun-11 19:51:13

hi thanks for the link not sure if they will help because its nursery fees and not course fees but ive applied anyways so fingers crossed smile
thank again

lilly153 Mon 27-Jun-11 11:35:31

Phoned the uni this morning they cant help in anyway they haven't got their funding yet

aliceliddell Mon 27-Jun-11 11:43:31

Try the Students' Union? This is a crazy situation, a govt telling mothers they must get jobs, therefore qualifications, but no childcare. Typical. hmm You might try local MP/Councillors. Local papers if no joy.

lilly153 Mon 27-Jun-11 12:29:12

Thanks Alice
I'm so fed up with it feel like im trying to acheive something with my life but theirs always some obstacle, think what angers me more is u get people who can get their children into nursery from the age of two on goverment funding yet I can't even get some help with a deposit, anyways my rant is over smile will just need to hope for a lottery win if all else fails

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