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Kick up the bum please.

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PikaTYchu Sun 19-Jun-11 11:18:33

May I ask for a rather large kick up the arse please.
I have my second interview for my access course tomorrow, I am basically definately in.
I have 2 dc, one who is 3 and one how turn 1 in october.
I cant get over how little ill see them. I know im being silly, but am scared ill miss them too much and quit after 2 weeks and a few hundred pounds later blush
I feel so guilty about having to have baby put into nursery 2-3 times a week, 6 hours a time. sad
But I want to do this course, it is for nursing which is my dream.
Did anybody else feel like this? How did you get over it?
Kick up the bum please grin

Prolesworth Mon 20-Jun-11 13:10:19

Message withdrawn

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