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junecarter Fri 17-Jun-11 13:57:10

have copied and pasted from chat...

Ok, so back ground is that I am English but living in Ireland for the last 9/10 years. Hopefully moving back to England this summer. However I have applied for a degree in nursing which although offers are not yet out I know I am guaranteed my place. It is a four year degree here in Ireland.
So as I now need to move to England this year, my POA is do a years Access course and hopefully do my degree (3 year) from there.
I can't make head nor tail of the system re bursaries , grants etc in England? Because I have not been resident for 3 years before my course starts will I have to pay for everything? I can't believe that is right? I am a lone parent of 4. Please don't bash me. I am in the process of leaving an abusive r/ship.
Any info would be gratefully received.

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