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Open University residential school...whilst pregnant? (DXR222)

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fayemcclure Wed 15-Jun-11 11:16:48

Hello ladies!
I am due to start DXR222 residential school in one month, but I will be 7 months pregnant with my first baby! I'm not sure what I'll feel like, and am concerned about the strain of it. I know this school is quite full on with very long days (9am-9pm some days) and am concerned it will be too hard.
Is there anyone out there that has done it whilst pregnant, or a similar school??

mrslurkalot Mon 20-Jun-11 22:30:10

Hi fayemcclure. Congratulations, hope you're feeling well! I am doing DXR222 this year too. Having had a look at the schedule, I think you will be ok, there are a quite a few breaks and only a couple of evenings where attendance is compulsary. You don't say whether this is your first baby, if it is obviously you don't know how you will feel so it's natural to be a bit apprehensive. I think it's all about the comfort, take a cushion to sit on during the day, and a really comfy pillow (or several!) to support your bump at night. Everyone see your bump and take care of you. If you don't mind saying, where are you going? Have you just done DSE212 - If so OMG the exam!!! xx

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