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Anyone doing Masters?

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FirstTimeMum1 Tue 31-May-11 02:30:54

I want to do a part time masters after next year but I'm pretty sure the course fees are going to go up (yey) ...

How do you afford it? Does your DP work full time and that manages to cover living costs?

Hope everyone's end of year stress is minimal!

Wabbit Tue 31-May-11 02:40:06

Dp's doing a masters, I work but my income is very average... Dp was eligible for a career development loan (up to £10,000) but you have to start repayments as soon as you finish the course... he didn't want that so we're scrimping and saving on a much smaller loan from his parents.

Thanks for end of year message... I'm just completing my Independent Research Project for a hand in tomorrow. been working on it for weeks and weeks and weeks - all my time at home really - still have just over 1000 words to complete - all refs done and most appendices (sure I've forgotten something!)

madwomanintheattic Tue 31-May-11 02:40:33

yes, i self funded. fortunately dh's wages were able to cover most of the household expenses, but i worked part time in quite a well paid and flexible job throughout.

Wabbit Tue 31-May-11 02:44:52

Madwoman - hello! I'm sure we were on a thread aeons ago???

Now - that last 1000 words!! and not here on MN!! grin

madwomanintheattic Tue 31-May-11 02:48:46

oo, hello. <ponders> yup, recognise your name. was it the studenty one from ages ago? my memory is rubbish... what was your project? i was probably being nosy about that - anyone mentions research and i'm all over it - saves me trying to do my own if i live vicariously through everyone else's!

Wabbit Tue 31-May-11 03:39:59

It's about Steiner Waldorf care for the child birth to three - it's getting my knickers in a twist is what it's doing - have just had a very quiet jump around (think Victoria Wood in Aerobics sketch hmm) just so I don't get DVT I've been sitting on my bum so long.

Pro plus anyone?

I need tea and the effort of jumping around has made me hungry - and the fires dying and I have no more coal and my fingers are getting chilly despite the jumping around!

madwomanintheattic Tue 31-May-11 03:52:06

i hate that about studying. i spend so long on my backside that sometimes i have to go and have a hot shower to get the blood circulating in my feet!

and it makes me hungry. and i eat biscuits instead of anything remotely healthy.

and now i need to lose three stone. grin

but, oo, yes, i do vaguely remember. i know nada about it. but vaguely remember. grin have namechanged several times, de-regged twice, and finally begged mn for my old name back, so well spotted!

i was looking at this for ds1 which might interest you. not wanted to serve as a distraction or anything blush

get back to work, slacker!

Wabbit Tue 31-May-11 03:58:46

Oh it's looks a bit similar to 5x5x5 or Reggio Emilia approach - very good, totally approve grin

Now I'm going!

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