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OU and TMA substitution - how does it work?

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tartanbuggy Mon 30-May-11 22:11:57

Damn, damn, damn! Just don't think I'm going to be able to get my next TMA submitted. No real excuses, nobody died and nobody is ill. Lots of little things, kids and family related, have cropped up and thrown my study and planning right off track and I really don't see how I can get anything done now.

Just wondering what happens if you don't submit a TMA (there are 7 on the course plus final exam). I had a look at the assessment handbook, but couldn't make any sense of the substitution rules. I'm reluctant to ask for an extension this close to the deadline, plus I already asked for one for the last TMA. Anybody out there not submitted a TMA? How did it work out? Why am I such a disorganised, work-avoiding procrastinator?

Prolesworth Tue 31-May-11 11:00:59

Message withdrawn

Prolesworth Tue 31-May-11 11:02:05

Message withdrawn

tartanbuggy Tue 31-May-11 11:58:09

Hi Proles. Thanks for getting back to me! So, my average so far (over 3 TMAs) is about 87, so substitution would maybe get me 43 or thereabouts? The deadline is tomorrow at noon, so it looks like it might be worth just getting on with it and submitting something. Trouble is, I got so far behind on my study schedule and have had to skip over some of the boring bits slightly less relevant sections and although I have coloured notes and spider diagrams galore, I still don't really understand a lot of it. So I put off starting the assignment. Then to assuage the growing panic, I lurk on Mumsnet or watch old Youtube clips of Dallas. Then it becomes even more difficult to make a start and so on .....

I wish I wasn't like this, but I can't seem to work any other way. I have tried various strategies but only seem to be able to get going if there is a huge great boot planted up my backside. It is so stressful and I know I should change things, but just don't know how. Maybe I should pop over to the procrastination thread and see if I can pick up any tips. Knowing me, I'd just focus on the bad habits!!

I really must try and get this done. I hate asking for extensions (although the tutor is pretty decent) and feel really guilty. I had one the last time and I found that that ate into my study planning for this TMA and I'm afraid of entering a downward spiral.

Right. Must get on. Will get on. Will resist temptation to scrub the skirting boards instead of getting on.

Thanks for the help. Maybe catch up later.

Prolesworth Tue 31-May-11 12:02:35

Message withdrawn

Prolesworth Tue 31-May-11 12:09:50

Message withdrawn

tartanbuggy Tue 31-May-11 12:22:57

Haha, love that strategy. That really is worth a try; thanks. Right, I'm going to ban myself from Mumsnet now and just make myself get on with it. I must, I must, I must. If you see me on here between now and noon tomorrow, please throw something at me.

Trouble with the average is that I have a deep-down ever so sneaky feeling that the marks weren't really deserved because I didn't approach assignments properly. No proper notes, no plans, no strategy. It's a case of all-nighters, 100 mph typing, with the submit button pressed 7 minutes before the deadline for TMA1 and 3 minutes for TMA2 and extension for TMA3. Not to say I'm not pleased with the marks or that I doubt the marker's competence, but do you know that nagging feeling that you've just got away with things and that come-uppance is imminent? I'm feeling it right now.

Thanks for the support and I will come and join the procrastination thread after noon tomorrow. My next TMA is due 6 July, so maybe I can make a real effort for that one. Yeh, right.

Prolesworth Tue 31-May-11 12:25:38

Message withdrawn

tartanbuggy Tue 31-May-11 12:27:03

Hold fire!! Don't throw. Posted without reading your second comment. Might still consider short extension, but with half-term and various things organised from Wednesday afternoon onwards, I know I wouldn't get anything done so would just prolong the agony. sad

keynesian Tue 31-May-11 14:16:18

Hi tartanbuggy,

If it's any consolation I'm about to begin a TMA also due in tomorrow at 1230 pm... And it's a non substitutable, 1.5 weighted one so no pressure whatsoever! grin

Hope the words are flowing and making sense for you.

Niecie Tue 31-May-11 14:27:56

Some of my best marks used to come when I throw things together. And I agree with Prolesworth that most tutors don't mind an extension or two. They have deadlines for marking but they have the rest of their tutor groups to do so they can afford to let a few of you slip.

In my last OU course I don't think I had anything in on time except the last TMA which had to be in for the course cut off.blush In my defence I got off to a bad start due to overlapping course and TMAs clashing with exams. However, the tutor didn't care so long as I got something done.

Also you don't need an extension at all if you hand it in before midnight on the day it is due because that used to be the cut off date and they only moved it forward twelve hours to allow for extension applications and last minute panics. That gives you a whole extra afternoon and evening.

If it makes you feel any better I am also disorganised work-avoiding procrastinator and I still finished the course.

said Tue 31-May-11 16:51:54

Oh keynsian, wonder what course you're doing? I've got a non-substitutable one worth 1.5 marks due tomorrow as well...

keynesian Tue 31-May-11 18:36:56

Hi said,

It's DD202, is that yours too?

I've made a reasonable effort this afternoon and will be back to it later this evening after DH is fed, cleared up after and I've been out for a bit on my bike!

said Tue 31-May-11 19:04:35

Yes, that's me too! Need to crack on tonight. Are you enjoying it?

keynesian Wed 01-Jun-11 11:31:14

How are you getting on tartan and said?

I wish the font was a bit larger in the textbooks for this one! The course is ok on the whole and gives a different perspective on some issues to that given at uni where I'm studying economics - just finished first year there.

Glad to have finished micro and be moving on to macro...

TMA03 now sent thank goodness so an afternoon away from the books and back to it tomorrow as I've got a TMA due on the 8th June and a CMA on the 15th for the other two courses I'm doing at present.

tartanbuggy Wed 01-Jun-11 19:01:09

Hello all

<Staggers in, brain melting and dripping out through nose>

Oh dear, oh dear, oh deary bloody dear. That was not good. Rather wish I'd gone for substitution because although the score would have been zero, I could have kidded myself I'd have had at least 80+ if I'd submitted. As it is, I have submitted and there will be no escaping my ignorance and total incompetence. I only have myself to blame; I just did not get on with parts of the block and instead of knuckling down to it, I faffed about for weeks a while and then tried to write an assignment on a topic I don't really understand. And hadn't really prepared for. And hadn't done any extra reading for. And, in fact, hadn't even done much of the prescribed reading. In the past I've submitted what I really thought was rubbish and been surprised with good marks, but I know that's not the case this time. In fact, I'm cringing and my toes are curling just sitting here imagining my tutor clicking the open button (or whatever they do). I was tempted to send off a quick email to tell her it's a lot of rotten waffle before she gets the chance to work it out for herself. Is that some form of getting your retaliation in first? Proles, I think I've just cured myself of the imposter syndrome wink

Anyway, onwards and upwards. The next TMA is due on 6 July which is about 5 weeks and I think I might get on a bit better with this block; it seems a bit easier to understand. There are no more half-terms/Easter holidays/days off for Royal Weddings to sabotage my study plans so I will get organised and I will make myself get on with it. Somebody might want to remind me of these words come 5 July.

Niecie, that was interesting about the midnight deadline. I certainly didn't know that! I did finally ask for a 6 hour extension until 6:00pm today and when I submitted it I wondered why I wasn't getting the red flashing late submission warning notice. That's probably why. So, did I really not need to ask for an extension then?

How did you get on said and Keynesian? Trust all went well and that tempers did not flare? My kids have been neglected all day and my youngest's just stomped off to sleepover at her mate's muttering, "Oh my God. Mum's just so stressy" and DH thinks he's really witty, "Seem a bit tense, dear. PMT or TMA?" One day, they'll coincide, then he'll be sorry.

said Thu 02-Jun-11 10:45:02

Well done tartan - at least it's over. But I recognise all of those symptoms (well, not the averaging 87% bits!)

I submitted at 02.00 and it was a really light and insubstantial and kept having taht feeling of I should be writing something more insightful here. Oh well, it's gone and it's too late now <weeps in anticpation of rubbishy mark and all hopes at beginning of course slipping away>

keynsian - I'm enjoying the course. Have done economics quite a bit in teh past so all terms are familiar but over 20 years ago now so just that, familiar but can't remember teh details.

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