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Really late essay - what would you do?

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minieggfannomore Thu 26-May-11 14:39:42

I am feeling really bad because I am nearly at end of first year of part time MA in literature.

I have one essay outstanding. it was due on 27 April but a few weeks before that I was made redundant at work - out of the blue along with all my section.

It has been hell at work. I lost all my mojo for studying. I told the college and they sympathised and I gave myself a deadline of 27 May (tomorrow oh yes tomorrow) to finish.

I haven't done it. I am so depressed by the work situation. I have been trying to fight what is happening and it has really affected me emotionally.

Now feel just terrible. Maybe I should just give up the college course. I have just had 3 days off to do the essay and spent it reading for essay but not writing.

Feel if I give up that I have wasted my time and money but I will never finish it by tomorrow.


RuthChan Thu 26-May-11 19:10:42

Giving up the course entirely seems rather drastic.
How far through the course are you?
If possible, it seems sensible to continue and finish.

You have spent 3 days reading for the essay. Although you haven't written it yet, you are prepared.
Have you been writing notes as you went along?
Does it have to be handed in tomorrow morning or can you give yourself until a little later in the day? Does a 4-30pm hand in count? If so, you have time tomorrow as well.

Even if the essay is not your best work, under the circumstances it would seem wise to get something down on paper. You can then continue to course and have the sense of achievement that will give you.

On the other hand, is there any chance at all they would extend your deadline until Monday?

minieggfannomore Thu 26-May-11 22:22:47

Thanks RuthChan.

It is a 2 year part-time MA course. I am 2 months away from the end of year one.

I can't write 5000 words in a day. I have made notes on my reading though. i keep thinking I haven't read enough.

i guess I will just do what I can over the Bank Holiday and hope that's OK.

I hope they will mark it though if I am going to bother to do it.

I am not usually like this. I am so depressed I haven't done it.

RuthChan Fri 27-May-11 18:41:50

No, 5000 words in one day, is a little unrealistic.
However, in a weekend, you can get a lot done.
I know the feeling of worrying you haven't done enough reading, but there's always more to read than is humanly possible. Some essays are better prepared than others. Try not to worry about it too much.

When feeling down and that things are on top of you, it is tempting to think you can't cope and that you want to quit. On the other hand, this is a temporary feeling brought on by the pressure of the essay. Once you have this out of the way you will be able to get back on top of things again.

You are almost half way through the course. It must be worth persevering to get the MA. You'll be glad you did when you have the certificate in your hand!

Good luck! smile

SarkyLady Fri 27-May-11 18:47:07

Ask your tutor for a meeting.

Discuss this with a real person who understands what the course requires and who knows how far behind you really are.

IME most students leave it far too late before asking their Turks for help. Most if us are pretty nice people and would like to help if we cansmile

SarkyLady Fri 27-May-11 18:48:39



We may be nice but we have fat fingers!

aliceliddell Fri 27-May-11 18:57:47

I used to be the essay collector at a university. people get really pissed off (me inc) if they stayed up all night to finish the essay and someone else hands their's in after 3 good nights' sleep but 3 days late attracts no penalty. It's annoying. So - you need to get that agreed again in advance. By the person whose job it is to agree it, not some random person who sort of works there. This is badly written; never mind.

peppapighastakenovermylife Fri 27-May-11 19:03:02

Do you know what your university's rules are on lateness?

I am a lecturer. For us - up to one week late we deduct 10%. Over one week late it is a fail. You can resit any fail and get a maximum of 40%.

However we also have a penalty waiver meeting where we sit down and go through all essays with marks being deducted for lateness and decide whether we can waive than penalty or not. That generally depends on whether students have kept us informed and sent in paper work / letter explaining the situation. Something like redundancy, especially if you have a family to support we would feasibly reinstate your marks.

However it is also a case of lateness matching the situation - a few days or weeks is usually fine. If someones goldfish dies and they appear to be fine but dont submit for months on end well...However in your situation we would accept lateness.

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