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Anyone else got exams coming up soon?

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Clockface Sat 14-May-11 09:41:35

Hello all. I have 2 dc (7 and 8 y o) and I'm sitting my university final exams in June. I was wondering if anyone else is doing the same? And if so, whether we could support each other in the run up?

MatureUniStudent Sat 14-May-11 10:10:34

I have my first (and thankfully only) exam on the 24th. I am terrified, that lurching "I need the loo quickly" type fear. The last exam I did was nearly 30 years ago. Today I am determined to get though a chunk of revision notwithstanding four children.... Sigh.

I think realistically the only revision I will get is when the DC's are at school and inbetween the washing, cooking, chauffering...!

Clockface Sat 14-May-11 10:31:49

Hello Matureunistudent!

Oh I know all about the nerves! My dc go to the after school club at their school 3 days a week until 5.30 pm, so I have three 'long' days of study a week and two shorter days when I can study from 9 to 3.

I have 8 exams, all in June (am doing an undergraduate degree). I've had an emergency tidy-up this morning as the clothes mountain has started to look dangerously close to toppling over. An avalanche of that type would not be good! grin And now I'm going to do an hour's study before my parents arrive for lunch.

Are you working outside the home as well as studying and mothering? I'm incredibly lucky to be a full-time student mother.

FirstTimeMum1 Sat 14-May-11 15:12:12

I have 4 uni exams in the first week of June and my DD is 7 weeks old sad plus 2 assignments... Oh dear...

Come on a first!!

MatureUniStudent Sat 14-May-11 15:45:57

I have a part time position (two days work next week - yikes) and thank you grandmother god, my mum just took three of the DC's over to hers so I have got an essay written and will now start tomorrows revision today so I can mow, etc etc etc endless household jobs tomorrow...

How are you managing First? Does your baby sleep?

Clock I can get a lot done if I go to bed when my little DC's go, an extra hour of study before sleep. Roll on post exams, I cannot wait to get my life back for a few months!

FirstTimeMum1 Sat 14-May-11 17:44:25

Yeah she's really good, normally 8-1 then till 4 then till 8 so get lots of sleep at night then she naps through the day well so tend to get 45 mins then to scribble in the books - however always the case just get into something and she wants feeding!

DP is a student too with the same amount of work so I can't pass her off on him when work load gets too much...

never mind!

Roll on summer :D

Clockface Sat 14-May-11 18:27:19

Wow firsttime - what a big thing to be doing with such a tiny baby! How are you feeling about your exams? How is your dp managing parenthood / exams?

Mature, how did your work go today? I have been helping with a big community event so I'm working tonight to make up for it. So it's pizza and Dr Who, then the dc off to bed and the books out! (I can live without the Eurovision Song Contest!) grin

FirstTimeMum1 Sat 14-May-11 18:35:18

I'm very very scared about exams!! Haven't been able to attend lectures due to having DD so my fried has been recording them for me. So I have to listen/make notes with those before I can start revising...

Hopefully I'll be able to postpone them to August, writing 2 essays is stressful enough with motherhood for the first time and demand BF! (although I did do an assignment the week after giving birth and was 2 marks off a first! I'm so proud...!)

DP's a natural to parenthood, he has a clan for a family and has 10 nieces and nephews..a ready-made pro! He also works part time to bring in some extra cash so we can afford to eat more than 9p noodles (although I do looove them!) so he's at uni through the week, full time dad, and does 23 hours fri and sat night.

Poor bloke. Puts it into perspective with me stressing over just 2 essays!

Where are you studying? And what?

Clockface Sun 15-May-11 08:02:53

Wow, it sounds like you've got a lot going on, firsttime! Is it likely that you'll be allowed to postpone your exams until August? Your university must have a welfare officer who could go in to bat for you - if the exams are supposed to be the first week in June, it might be an idea to get in touch with the WO. Your dp sounds like a star! Has he got exams too?

I'm studying Theology which might sound like a Mickey Mouse degree grin but there's a lot to it - it's a bit of philosophy, a bit of history, a bit of literary criticism, a bit of anthropology, a bit of archaeology,a bit of sociology, a bit of...well, theology too! I'm doing lots of biblical Greek for my degree so I was translating last night, and a bit of biblical Hebrew. I'm hoping to go straight on to a Master's, which means spending the summer learning Hebrew properly shock

My exams start in just over 3 weeks. I am definitely stressed about them and wake up thinking about essay plans / what's the Greek for such-and-such etc. My dh is lovely and extremely supportive but works long full time hours so in the week I'm the main carer of our 2 dc. Normally at the weekends we do lots together but for the next few weeks I'm going to be cramming - I'm planning on us having lots of lovely time together after the exams! smile So today we are going out for an early lunch and then I'll be doing a past paper this afternoon - bleeeurgh!

Please let's keep this thread going - I really feel like I need some support, esp. with other mums who are juggling lots.

MatureUniStudent Sun 15-May-11 09:28:30

Gosh how impressive you all are! I am planning to learn Burglary and Aggrivated Burglary case names as I hoover and wash the floors today. I use every bit of spare time to recite and I bore my children silly by each time something happens (one punches another - which happens a lot!) telling them what section that falls under and who is the case rule for battery. As I am much older, I find it incredibly hard to retain information and I have to still do all the jobs (I'm a single mum to four) to ensure the house runs and PE kits are complete. Later I shall do a spelling test with my youngest, for each word he spells, I have to recite a case! (I do feel sorry for my children).

I am going to try and find some past papers today on our Uni Library on line website, we were not given any as revision, which from what you have posted, sounds a bit wierd.

I bought in some lectures on my subject which you can then download on your ipod if that helps. What do you plan to do with your Theology Clock and what are you studying First?

keynesian Sun 15-May-11 09:50:59

Hi and good luck to all fellow exam takers smile

I did my first uni exam last Friday and have four to go- two this week and two the next... I'm an older mature student and my three children (only one at home full time) are relatively self sufficient thank goodness! My DH moved to Cornwall to start a new job the day after I started at uni - I'm in the Midlands - so I waste spend lots of time travelling and have the responsibility of keeping two houses and gardens in a vaguely respectable state!

Because I don't know if this situation will be sustainable for three years, I've continued doing OU modules as a 'Plan B'...

FirstTimeMum1 Sun 15-May-11 10:13:45

Yeah he does, only the 1 though so not too much pressure for him there.

My head of department is sorting it for me, all my lecturers have been amazing so there should hopefully be no problem. Plus I'm top 5 of my year so the uni will so everything to stop me dropping out (haha)

Thorough sounds hard!! My mums a vicar and currently doing a doctrine in theology at Durham part time and she says it's very time consuming, lots of reading! Which masters are you hoping for? I have another year left after this one then hopefully get onto a masters, unless DP gets a job and earns enough (he's applying for the police at graduate entry) then I'll be able to take a year out first and spend with DD which would be nice smile

I'm jealous of your early lunch outing! Takeaway for us tonight I think..!

Blimey Mature, you sound like supermum!! Single mum to 4 and studying, I take my hat off to you! Feel bad feeling sorry for myself when you have 4 haha

I'm studying at a college of Leeds Uni so luckily for me it's small and I know all my lecturers really well and they're all supportive and offering me as many extra 1-1 sessions with them as I want. Where are you studying?

Hi Keynesian how was your first exam?

Clockface Sun 15-May-11 17:37:05

Mature, how did your floor-cleaning / case law learning go? That sounds really draining, squeezing everything you can out of every moment. I hope you can chill out and switch your brain off sometimes! (for me it's Waterloo Road and making up Spotify playlists!) I hpoe you have got support - it sounds like you're carrying a lot. Good on you for doing the degree - are you hoping to become a lawyer? I only know about case law in ancient Israel and the Near East! grin

Keynesian, that sounds like a juggling act too! How did your first exam go? All the best for this week and next!

What is your subject 1st? You sound like you're aceing it! grin

Well I did a past paper under timed conditions this afternoon. Two hours in, I was exhausted! My uni puts all the past papers online so that you can print them off / read online - I don't think that we were given any as such for revision.

1st, I'm hoping to do a Masters in the Old Testament / Hebrew Bible - it just really intrigues me, it's so fascinating and beautiful and old! smile I have an offer on the proviso that I get at least 66% in my's hoping! (and working really hard!) I'm also training to be a c of e vicar, so what I'll probably end up doing is teaching biblical theology at a vicar training college / part-time course. I love teaching people so I really hope it all works out! smile I am going to tae it easy tonight though.

FirstTimeMum1 Sun 15-May-11 19:55:56

Psychology, I was acing it...falling behind now though sad

Good luck for 66%! I'm sure if your working hard it will definitely pay off! Where are you studying? I have no idea what I want to do postgrad... Is your masters funded? I've looked at a few in cognitive psychology and neuroscience which sound amazing but are £5grand :| hopefully in a few years I'll be able to do a phd in clinical..

My mum's CofE, she loves it! She has a parish in north Yorkshire. She also lectures at York uni, her learning/teaching sounds very similar to yours!

Well done for practice exams! I set the day aside to write an essay and DD decided she wanted a 'let's cling onto mum day and cry with dad' day, so nothing got done sad no sleep for me tonight!

starystar Mon 16-May-11 00:59:35

Wow, glad I found this section. I have a 1 yr old, my final exams start this week. Soooo panicky! I was due to take them last year after I had DS but postponed to now and have not managed to do much studying til now :/ but glad I'm not alone with all this exam malarky!

good luck everyone

MatureUniStudent Mon 16-May-11 08:55:44

We all seem to have challenges aside from our studies, I often feel quite envious of my 18 year old colleagues who after lectures are free to do as they please, concentrate on their studies or visit a local watering hole.

It is my last week of study (three days of work also - sigh) and yesterday I had a major panic and decided to change what I would revise and completely redo my revision plan. Has anyone else done that, started off going to answer (we were given an outline of what questions we would be asked, 8 given, 4 to answer) questions and then in the last moment changed their mind completely? This is all so new to me.

MatureUniStudent Mon 16-May-11 08:56:16

Oh and good lucky Stary! you are starting us off with your exams this week.

Clockface Tue 17-May-11 09:34:14

Hello Starystar! All the very best for your exams this week - I hope they go really well!

I am fighting a stinking cold, which is not good! I'm dosing myself up on vitamins / Paracetomol / Strepsils / anything else I can find. And I'm really hoping that the dc don't catch it, because looking after poorly dc would really put the kaibosh on my attempts to revise! (and because I don't want them to be sick, obviously!)

How is everyone else doing? Hope you're all all right...

starystar Tue 17-May-11 11:25:39

Thanks guys, very nervous now as first exam is tomorrow and it seems the nerves have arrived and kicked all knowledge out.

Aww, I hope you get better soon Clockface. Lots of breaks in-between revision is the way to do it... So I've been told!

Hope everyone's more organised than I am, I'm onto last minute cram stage now!

MatureUniStudent Tue 17-May-11 17:08:22

Stary and anyone else with an exam tomorrow Wed 18 May - GOOD LUCK!

keynesian Wed 18-May-11 19:30:29

Hello Starystar, how did today's exam go? When is your next one?

Oakmaiden Wed 18-May-11 19:51:21

Hi there, I have exams too. An english one on next Monday (literary and linguistic analysis of Keats To Autumn) and then a maths one on Wednesday (about using the history of maths to increase mathematical interest... or something...). Then I have a 4000 word science essay and a 2000 word IT essay due in on Tuesday week. Unfortunately I am away on holiday by Tuesday week (as it is my children's half term) so I really need to get them finished and handed in by Friday.

Really going to have to get a move on with them all. Once it is done then that is Year 2 over, thank goodness!

Of course the fact my eldest son has 3 hospital appointments over the next 2 weeks isn't helping me....

Bousy Wed 18-May-11 22:45:54

Good luck everyone with your exams! I had my first one on Monday, and two more next week - would be fine if real life didn't also need to be dealt with (hospital visits though fortunately nothing serious, non-negotiable trips to see family, running round after toddler...). Hopefully it will all come right in the end! smile

FirstTimeMum1 Thu 19-May-11 06:48:45

Good luck everyone smile luckily I have mine postponed to august (yeeeeeyyy!!!)

Clockface Thu 19-May-11 19:00:21

Well done Bousy, Stary andeveryone else who is sitting exams at the moment!

Oakmaiden your exams sound like an eclectic mix! What are you studying for?

Firsttime - hooray! So glad that you were able to move the exams.

I am feeling much better, thankfully! But reeeeeeeeeally fed up with blimmin' revision. I just want the exams to be here so that I can do them and then get my life back! smile I did a practice paper this afternoon, and I'm going to try and do lots over the next few weeks. But I'm also starting to think strategy in terms of filling the freezer up with meals, deciding which pens to use grin etc. All these little things that you don't want to be worrying about just before an exam actually starts!

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