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Open uni, a job, benefits - too many questions!

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purpleteapot Wed 11-May-11 00:47:40

Kinda already had a thread like this but someone recommended looking in Student Parents for help too.

Okay, so, I'm 21. I'm just about to finish my first year at uni and I had decided before I found out I was pregnant that I didn't want to come back. Instead, I want to do Open Uni so I could move back home.

I have been looking for a job for roughly 5 weeks now for when I get back home but had no luck as of yet. Then, last week I found out I was pregnant. With me having no job and not coming back to uni, I have no idea what my options are sad I know there is Job Seekers for when I eventually finish uni but I obviously won't be seeking a job when I'm close to my due date and I'm not sure what happens then. If I do get a job, I don't think I'm entitled to maternity pay with me not being there long enough, and I also think that means I am not entitled to the grant either?

A job is obviously what I am aiming for as soon as I can and I am going to continue applying left, right and centre but I am so worried about money if I'm not able to get one. I probably have all the facts the wrong way round and upside down but I'm currently having a bit of a panic on! Any advice would be fantastic.

(Sorry about the long post)

itsabiggywhatdoidonow Wed 11-May-11 01:21:18

will reply tomorrow with more time.

in mean time do a benifits calculator on line. just google benifits calculator.

Mspontipine Thu 12-May-11 01:40:04

Now don't worry - that's the most important thing smile Easier said than done I know. You don't mention a partner.

"You may be able to claim Income Support instead. You can claim Income Support once you are 29 weeks’ pregnant, or earlier if you are incapable of work because of your pregnancy. Before this, if you are capable of work, you could claim Jobseeker’s Allowance."

This was taken from Citizen's Advice website. Take a look here

That's just a start really, if you're renting you may get housing benefit from your local council etc.

It's fantastic you plan to carry on with your studies. I've been looking at OU too and it looks like you qualify for most of the fees paid if you're entitled so certain benefits - these include Income Support, JSA or housing benifit.

Mspontipine Thu 12-May-11 01:40:54


Mspontipine Thu 12-May-11 01:45:11

Your uni may have a finance advisors who can help with all this kind of stuff. Otherwise Citizens Advice are good too. Benefits offices (Jobcentre plus) appear to be a bit hit and miss on the help and advice they give - but worth a visit. Due to your age Connexions may still be able to help you.

Help is there. You're going to be fine. Please don't panic.

Mspontipine Thu 12-May-11 01:46:13

Ooh noticed the time - must go to bed now. I'm on here most days so will reply if you post again.


purpleteapot Thu 12-May-11 14:53:51

Thanks for the advice; one more week left at uni and then I'm going to try get it all sorted. Still job hunting though, something might come up!

TinyDiamond Fri 27-May-11 11:43:03

Just stumbled upon this thread and don't know if you'll pick this up purple but my main advice to you would be to figure out which course with the OU you want to do and apply for your financial support asap. They will take it from your last year's income anyway ending April so you should have the documentation to do this.
The reason for this is that the financial situation is up in the air and it is looking like this year will be the last one where financial support will be available to students. In the future it will just be loans as per the Uni you are leaving I assume.
Give them a call to find out your options- they are v helpful

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