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Does anyone know how long it roughly takes to get OU credit transfer forms back?

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MrsChemist Sat 20-Nov-10 14:46:39

I sent of my OU credit transfer forms a few weeks ago. I'm not expecting them back so soon, but I was wondering if anyone can tell me how long they waited to hear back from their universities.

Also, it said on the form to send it to the university registry, but I couldn't find a specific address for the registry, so just sent it to the main admin office. Obviously that means it will probably take a little bit longer.

Do they send the forms back to the OU, or do they send them to me?


HellaH Mon 22-Nov-10 08:35:09

I sent in my credit transfer forms to the OU five weeks ago and haven't heard back yet, I did however get an email the day after I sent it off confirming that they had received it.

schroeder Mon 29-Nov-10 10:22:03

Do you mean the form you send to your old uni asking for your transcript or the one to the OU itself?

The one to your old uni could take a while depending on how long ago you studied there.

Also I never got a letter back from the ou just an email.

Hope you get good news soon.

BTW I got 160 points which is a bit annoying as they only seem to do 60 point courses now.hmm

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