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Retraining as a midwife??

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mjinhiding Thu 18-Nov-10 17:30:58

Message withdrawn

VivaLeBeaver Thu 18-Nov-10 17:42:52

I'm a m/w, I trained in my late 20s with one small child. There are plenty of students in their 30s and 40s. My current student is a single mum with 2 small kids and is managing.

Childcare has to be the big consideration as shifts can be weekends, nights, a late shift till 9:30pm or you could be starting at 7:00am.

mjinhiding Thu 18-Nov-10 18:00:33

Message withdrawn

VivaLeBeaver Thu 18-Nov-10 18:04:43

I didn't do an access course. I also had a degree in an unrelated subject. You need to have had recent study (last 4 years), if your degree isn't in the last 4 years then you'll need to do something.

My degree had been 10 years previously but in the 4 years before I'd done an NVQ in customer services and trained as a masseur which was a recognised qualification. So they counted those.

Each uni has different entry requirements though so speak to the admission officer at the uni you want to go to.

mjinhiding Thu 18-Nov-10 18:13:42

Message withdrawn

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