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B ed, 2nd year, Pregnant - options?

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UniMummy Sat 13-Nov-10 10:37:09

Hi everyone smile

I'm 20 weeks prgenant with my second child, DS is three, and in my second year of my teaching degree.

I'm hoping to complete this year but am struggling to get my head round year three with a relatively newborn baby as well as DS. Mainly because over the summer I have a 5 week teaching placement I must complete when the baby will be 6 weeks old to finish the year off.

Does anybody have experience of defering? Did you find it easy going back or do you wish you had gone straight in to year three?

Also, if I was to leave at the end of this year I have been told by a tutor that I would get a BA in Education, what sort of jobs could I get with this if I needed to work part time or even full time for financial reasons?

Sorry for the long post! blush


onadietcokebreak Sat 13-Nov-10 20:31:10

Bumping for you

I have a similar thread on go as well. My only advice is can the teaching placement be brought forward?

UniMummy Sun 14-Nov-10 09:11:28

Thank you smile

No unfortunately it can't, it was originally in March and that is when I'm due. There are no gaps because of lectures and assignments. I wish it could though! Would rather do it all and get it out the way.

Are you in a similar situation?

jazz412 Sun 09-Jan-11 21:01:56

I'm kind of in a simular situation, I'm frist year BEd and have just found out that I'm pregnant! very excited but nervous of what's in store for my course etc. I'm due in sept so I think I will have to have a year out. One of the main things I'm worried about is money!
I'm also finding that I'm struggling to think of anything except baby baby baby!
Have you found out anything? x

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