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UCAS PS - am I too late and how to size it down?

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StellaBrillante Wed 10-Nov-10 08:54:31


I'm hoping to study tourism management from next year and had a very promising meeting with the course leader last week. However, having looked at the timeline on the UCAS website, I'm now in a complete panic that I am too late or will be if I don't get it in by the end of this week. Also, there are other things to consider which I've read about on this website such as university grants for lone parents or some additional financial support available through the local uni student support?

And back to my application, I haven't even started on the reference - poop! Plus I'm stuck with 4,300 characters (spaces included) and seem unable to condense it down. Help, please?!?!

Lilymaid Wed 10-Nov-10 20:17:14

I thought the cut off date for non-Oxbridge applications is January 15th? If so, you've still got plenty of time.

webwiz Wed 10-Nov-10 20:35:35

You have till 15th January Stella - I'm not sure what timeline you've seen but the timetable here is clear:

As for your personal statement - can you get someone to read through as they aren't as emotionally attached to it and are happier to suggest things to leave out.

Are you applying as an independent candidate? If so they have changed the process so it is the same as for school applicants - whoever writes your reference adds it to your application without it being visible to you.

StellaBrillante Thu 11-Nov-10 16:03:18

Tank you EVER SO MUCH for your replies! I got 3 people to read through my ps, managed to condense it down to within the word limit (minor hiccup when pasting it in as still one 1 line too many but all sorted now). I did look at the timeline but the course leader seemed to think that it'd be best for me to get it done asap - something to do wtih capping number of students!

The whole financial side of it seems rather confusing though so I will need to read it a few times before it makes sense!

Fingers crossed!!! :-)

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