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The Handmaid's Tale, Season 3: speculation, trailers and spoilers...

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SophieCatScribbles Sat 16-Feb-19 20:53:41

Here we go. Just how wild a ride will Season 3 be compared to Seasons 1 and 2?!

Here's some info about the new series from Digital Spy...

And the Season 3 Super Bowl ad...

And an interview with the gorgeously talented Joseph Fiennes about the new series:

Let the speculation and spoilers commence!

SophieCatScribbles Wed 10-Jul-19 06:25:11

Back to back episodes is brave...

The mouths are horrific 😔

Mammalian Tue 09-Jul-19 22:34:09

Just watched episode 5 and 6 back to back.
The covered mouthssad

SophieCatScribbles Fri 05-Jul-19 10:47:31

Yes, the will she, won't she, element of the show is getting a bit stale now and there's a feeling that she never will...

As for Serena - well. What a character. BUT I'm so tired of them showing her starting to have some humanity and then switching back to monster again. It's getting tiresome and repetitive and unrealistic. Those moments of realisation end up looking less and less sincere. Serena let June take Nicole because she feared for her life in Gilead. Now, no matter how much she might miss that child, the realisation that her return to Gilead would result in those same fears being realised would just stop her every time. She was miserable with Fred and Nicole under Gilead's 'eye'. She'd be miserable again.

I feel the writing is getting stuck, and I can see the grim horror of the writer's 10-series arc being played out only through this constant hope-despair-hope-despair-hope-despair cycle with the same characters. Crazy and sad, because this is a show - and a subject - that deserves sharper, keener, more realistic writing and a willingness to let the story develop naturally over whatever timeline works. Right now, I can see them continuing the horror part for too long and just emotionally exhausting us.

Lol. Not that I'm feeling pessimistic about it all!

DinosaursWouldEatYou Tue 02-Jul-19 18:14:41

Augh I hate myself saying this but I love watching Serena, I know she's a baddie and is the cause of her own cage but she's so interesting to watch and played brilliantly.

I think maybe she won't survive but I was hoping when in the earlier seasons the handmaid threw a bomb at the commanders, Fred had perished with them.

Augh June better escape the next time she gets the opportunity! Was so frustrated end of S2

SophieCatScribbles Sun 16-Jun-19 22:39:30

I'm watching... Are you enjoying it so far? Do you think everyone will come out of this series alive?

mrsshelby444 Sun 16-Jun-19 21:45:37

Who's watching? I'm only on episode 2

SophieCatScribbles Thu 13-Jun-19 19:30:52

If you start a different thread to talk about the same topic because you don't like my thread for some reason, okay, but please don't keep coming to advertise it here. I deliberately didn't put 'US pace' or anything - just made it a general thread for Handmaid's Tale Series 3 discussion and said it contained spoilers etc. I don't get why you felt you had to make another...

I'd never made a series thread before and have been enjoying the discussion. I can't get out so it's a good distraction from pain. If you've got lots of people who've joined your thread, great, but please don't advertise it on mine. I'd really appreciate that. Thanks.

SophieCatScribbles Thu 13-Jun-19 19:15:03

This was already a thread for discussing THT, both US and UK - I clearly put that it included spoilers etc 😕

AcrossthePond55 Thu 13-Jun-19 01:40:13


We have a US pace thread going and are starting to discuss Episode 4 now. C'mon over!

SophieCatScribbles Wed 12-Jun-19 23:06:38

No! What happened? Where did you watch it?!

applepineapple Wed 12-Jun-19 22:01:12

Just watched episode 4, anyone else seen it yet?

beanaseireann Tue 11-Jun-19 16:06:09

Oh God SophieCatScribbles, I'm not sure I can take the "breaking of June".

SophieCatScribbles Tue 11-Jun-19 11:42:33


I know what you mean, Bean. One at a time is enough misery for a day.

In the SAG-AFTRA interview I posted below, Elizabeth Moss says that in this series they break June - she said that they had to break her to make her become the leader she needs to be. I groaned at that - don't like the sound of it. She was already thoroughly broken by the two previous series - I don't know if I can take something even worse for her. Especially if it's losing Nick (that's a wild, worse-case, no evidence to back it up, hope it doesn't happen kind of thought).

Moss did say "don't worry, she doesn't stay broken" but I just hate the thought of it. Bloody writers need to stop with the misery and realise that we need change now, and not change that involves 8 episodes of June being tortured in mental anguish...😕. I will have everything crossed.

beanaseireann Tue 11-Jun-19 08:57:51

I just couldn't binge watch The Handmaids Tale. shock
It takes me all I can do to watch a single episode at a time.
I force myself to sit down and watch it - particularly the first season. It was unremittingly gloomy, sad and dark.

SophieCatScribbles Mon 10-Jun-19 23:13:47

I know! Drives you spare, doesn't it?!

We're all so used to on-demand tv series and binging on three years worth of a tv show in a weekend, it seems a huge hardship to wait a week between each episode. This season it'll make me want to chew furniture I think lol.

Excellent way of Hulu securing our money!

Maneandfeathers Mon 10-Jun-19 22:13:02

Ah thanks Sophie! It’s annoying they won’t just release the lot I like to binge grin

SophieCatScribbles Mon 10-Jun-19 22:01:27

I found them on a YouTube channel called The Handmaids Tale, where each episode is split into 4 or 5 parts. It's not the best quality, but I was desperate lol.

I found this interview with the actors who play June, Nick, Rita, Cmdr Lawrence and Janine from a few days ago...

Maneandfeathers Mon 10-Jun-19 21:34:14

Where have you found episodes 2-3?
I’ve seen episode 1 on channel 4?

SophieCatScribbles Mon 10-Jun-19 15:31:38

Found this hilarious montage of the cast dances...brilliant stuff. Lovely to see Serena and Fred having fun!

SophieCatScribbles Sun 09-Jun-19 18:04:36


Well, episodes 1-3 were so interesting! I love that Serena is gradually coming round to things, and that the women are bonding a lot more. About time Serena got down off her high horse and realised the hell that they created.

I found this trailer for episode 4 - looks like Aunt Lydia really has turned monstrous 😕. Much more violent - thank goodness Emily is out of there or I don't like to imagine the torture Lydia would inflict on her.

beanaseireann Fri 07-Jun-19 18:56:56

Season 3 has begun on RTE 2 - Irish television last night with a double bill. I've recorded it and am psyching myself up to watch it

AcrossthePond55 Thu 06-Jun-19 14:04:58

I ended up starting a US pace thread with a spoilers warning.

SophieCatScribbles Thu 06-Jun-19 08:41:59

I've just read an Ep 1 review and it sounds interesting. Love that June gets found by Cmdr Lawrence...of all people out in Gilead that night!

SophieCatScribbles Thu 06-Jun-19 08:40:14

Ariadne - you can discuss everything here! It's why the title clearly says 'spoilers'. This isn't a thread waiting for the UK showing to start smile

Aridane Thu 06-Jun-19 07:24:17

PS I remember you from our Season 2 thread which from memory ran to x2 threads. Let’s see if season 3 attracts as much interest!

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