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The Handmaid's Tale, Season 3: speculation, trailers and spoilers...

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SophieCatScribbles Sat 16-Feb-19 20:53:41

Here we go. Just how wild a ride will Season 3 be compared to Seasons 1 and 2?!

Here's some info about the new series from Digital Spy...

And the Season 3 Super Bowl ad...

And an interview with the gorgeously talented Joseph Fiennes about the new series:

Let the speculation and spoilers commence!

Florenceflamingo Sat 16-Feb-19 20:55:50

I'm so excited. Its June its released yeah?

SophieCatScribbles Sat 16-Feb-19 20:59:56

I think so, although I'm pretty sure they haven't confirmed it yet.

I love the idea of June going back in as a Martha, at least to start with. From the Series 2 finale, they seemed to be quite an organised resistance group to have got the baby out like they did.

Even better, good old He-Was-Never-Going-To-Be-A-Baddie Bradley Whitford returns as the mad inventor of Gilead, keen to right his wrongs. I hope he helps June!

Florenceflamingo Sat 16-Feb-19 21:03:13

Oooh great I love him! I wonder if Emily got out and if we'll find out aunt Lydia's backstory.

SilverBirchTree Sat 16-Feb-19 21:06:07

I'm still pretty annoyed at the season 2 ending TBH. It was just a really implausible choice for that character to make, and it felt like a betrayal to the audience who had stuck with such gruesome viewing because of the 'truth' at the heart of it.

Also - How the fuck was the baby going to be fed now? The people helping them escape assumed the mother was coming so I doubt they have formula or whatever..

SophieCatScribbles Sat 16-Feb-19 21:07:27

I really hope so. Aunt Lydia must have some truly hellish backstory to have become the complex, nightmare character she is!

Just found another interview with Joseph. He says that "the Commander doesn't change his character", and that "June gets some revenge towards the latter half of Series 3". I'm wildly paraphrasing there, but that was roughly it!

SophieCatScribbles Sat 16-Feb-19 21:12:19

Know what you mean, SilverBirchTree. After everything that underlined how dangerous Gilead is for girls and women in ANY position, why risk your own life AND your daughter's by returning? Once she and Nick had effectively stamped on Waterfords nads in that finale, her daughter was already going to be at risk...

Equally, I kind of understand why she felt she couldn't leave Hannah. But yes - how the hell does poor Emily feed a baby on that long, cold, gruesome, dangerous trip? If they kill June and Nick's baby off for plot development, I swear I'll switch off...

Florenceflamingo Sat 16-Feb-19 21:19:02

Yeah, I hope the baby gets out to Luke. I wonder how the situation in Canada will go and if there will be change there too.

AcrossthePond55 Sat 16-Feb-19 21:57:56

US premiere of season 3 is 5 June. I'm not seeing anything about a different date for the UK premiere which will be nice. I remember during season 2 we had to have separate threads so those of us in the US didn't 'spoil' it for UK viewers since we were (IIRC) 3 episodes ahead!

SophieCatScribbles Sat 16-Feb-19 22:26:14

Thanks AcrossThePond55 - good to have that date confirmed 👍. I'm betting we'll see it in the UK on Channel 4 a few months later unfortunately,

It's one reason I didn't state US or UK timeline - the more information the better, lol. News leaks out anyway, and I can choose whether to look at the info or not!

SophieCatScribbles Sat 16-Feb-19 22:36:45

Does anyone think that Serena will abandon Fred to join the resistance (now that he'll have his suspicions about her and she's seen the extent of his savagery)? Or will she stay with him and claim innocence?

What will the consequences be for Nick? They had better not kill Nick off. He and June are the only - ONLY - good thing to have come out of Gilead, and the producers would be insane and sick to destroy that frail hope now. Whether they intended it or not, they created a hope right there with those two. Personally I think its way too late for June to reunite with Luke now. They've been apart too long, and he has absolutely no idea what she's gone through in Gilead. Only Nick has that understanding and he is June's rock now. Luke wasn't a bad guy, but he didn't react with much concern when the sinister signs of the coming storm appeared, with the cutting of women's rights etc, and it was only thanks to June pushing it that the three of them got as far as they did. With all June's research in the Boston Globe offices, I think that wasn't lost on her. She still loves Luke because of the family they were, but they can't go back...she is now in love with Nick now, and I hope her (and hopefully Holly/Simone's) future lies with him,

They'd better get started on some pretty substantial revenge and resistance storylines early on in this series, because if they send June to some other horror show yet again, or back to the Waterfords, I think there'd be a revolt!

Aridane Sun 17-Feb-19 11:31:46

For reason 2, Reddit had shockingly accurate spoilers, particularly for the last two episodes and poor Eden.

Might pop over to Reddit to see if there is anything there (but find reddit really difficult to use).

SophieCatScribbles Sun 17-Feb-19 11:48:24

Good idea, Aridane. Know what you mean about Reddit 🙄 not the easiest sometimes...
I'll have a look later too. Think there were some extras from the filming who'd leaked a few snippets in Series 2 so hopefully the same will happen again!

beanaseireann Sun 17-Feb-19 11:49:31

Thanks for this thread SophieCatScribbles.
We in Ireland got Season 2 before UK, but after US.

SophieCatScribbles Sun 17-Feb-19 12:20:59

👍 I couldn't wait any more, lol

SophieCatScribbles Sun 17-Feb-19 12:28:53

Found this on Reddit...

Not quite sure what to make of it. Hope it's just a flashback/dream/nightmare device type of thing.

SophieCatScribbles Sun 17-Feb-19 12:31:53

There's a lot of speculation on this Reddit thread...

SophieCatScribbles Sun 17-Feb-19 12:34:33

This post is interesting as to what that photo might suggest.

SophieCatScribbles Sun 17-Feb-19 12:35:56

Here's the pic itself: (I hope!)

SophieCatScribbles Sun 17-Feb-19 12:42:41

This is four short video clips of the filming connected to that photo. Looks like some kind of staged event. Interestingly, you see June waiting at the top of the steps and she doesn't have the gag thing on - so maybe it is a staged thing that she's agreed to do?

SophieCatScribbles Sun 17-Feb-19 12:49:25

Another pic. Gorgeous weather. Hideous place...

Aridane Sun 17-Feb-19 15:13:40

Ooh - I'll take a look at all those links when I've got a better internet connection

SophieCatScribbles Sun 17-Feb-19 20:58:49

Photos from the official Handmaid's Tale Instagram page. One of which shows clearly that Max Minghella (aka Nick) IS in Season 3. Thank goodness!

Maneandfeathers Tue 19-Feb-19 19:00:07

Just binged both series this weekend.

Can’t wait to see if she eventually reunited with luke and Moira. I hope so!

Thisisthelaststraw Wed 20-Feb-19 00:13:11

Also just binge watched the first 2 seasons. It was horrifying but very good. I thought about buying the book to see what happens as I couldn’t stand the thought of waiting to see if it all worked for June but apparently the book isn’t only available on back order and not released until September anyway.

The story gave me the rage but I need to know June is okay in the end. Makes me feel a bit like Kathy Bates character in Misery grin

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