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Anyone watching House of Flowers / La Casa de las Flores?

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IfyouseeRitaMoreno Sat 11-Aug-18 19:00:54

Just came out yesterday on Netflix. Dark comedy about a Mexican matriarch who finds out her DH was leading a double life when his mistress hangs herself in their flower shop.

Quirky characters, handsome men, smart suits.

Rarfy Sun 12-Aug-18 16:01:23

Going to give this a go now

fussychica Sat 18-Aug-18 18:14:14

Ooh that sounds interesting, might give it a go.
Snr. Avila, also Mexican, also has a double/secret life thing going on. It's very, very violent though as he's a hit man.

TaMamaiSaChistinAgusSanOifig Sat 18-Aug-18 22:27:01

I watched the first one! I liked it. I might continue.

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