3 days no vaping, arrgggh

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TimeForTeaRex Sat 20-Mar-21 16:23:15

This is day three of no vaping. I really crave it today! I recently found out I’m pregnant leading me to make this change now. I know why I want to stop (baby, my health, money) but my gosh do I crave it now.
I’ve been up and down these three days, lots of crying.
If anyone’s done this and has words of wisdom or can share how long it took to be calm again please share!

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Peppermintfluffysocks Sun 21-Mar-21 11:39:23

No words of wisdom but today is my day one being done with vaping! I'm using nicotine gum 2mg. Hate the constant dry mouth, sore throat, sore tongue etc and really looking forward to being done with it all! Congrats on your pregnancy btw

TimeForTeaRex Sun 21-Mar-21 11:55:00

Best of luck @Peppermintfluffysocks. Have you gotten rid of everything? I searched my house for spare vaping stuff yesterday and would have used it if I found it. Luckily I’d binned it all!
Is the dry mouth, tongue etc from the gum or from vaping?

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Peppermintfluffysocks Sun 21-Mar-21 17:20:05

Hey! Its from vaping, the gum definitely takes the edge off.

I stopped during all 3 of my pregnancies (first pregnancy I was an actual cigarette smoker) and found it surprisingly easy to just stop there & then but I think that was because I could just stuff my face and not feel bad lol so I just substituted with food but this time will be hard (I've failed so many times over the past few months) because my hubby still vapes so I didn't bin the stuff because he uses it. So far I've been okay today but having a glass of wine will be the real test, I also keep looking for it every time I have a tea/coffee.

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