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Kraytay456 Sun 28-Feb-21 04:55:56

I don't know what's going on but the roof of my mouth has been feeling wierd... I vape constantly and don't know if this could be early oral cancer or what any answers help... I know my anxiety could be high but

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Cormoran Sun 28-Feb-21 06:20:44

What is going on? A couple of options

Dry mouth: Vaping dries out the mouth because the chemical Propylene Glycol absorbs moisture in your mouth and dries it out. Dry mouth is a top cause of tooth decay.

Stomatitis: This occurs when the cell lining of the mouth, particularly the palate, becomes inflamed, which can lead to painful lesions.

So maybe stop vaping especially if you do it constantly

joystir59 Sun 28-Feb-21 06:22:02

Stop vaping/smoking and see if the problem.goes away

pilates Sun 28-Feb-21 06:54:32

Get it checked out and stop vaping. No one knows the long term effects of vaping and it also looks ridiculous.

DianaT1969 Sun 28-Feb-21 07:51:09

Why not stop vaping? If you have health anxiety you'll know that people who drink alcohol and smoke are at risk of mouth cancer because alcohol makes the mouth lining dry.
Replace vaping with something else you can do compulsively, such as drinking water, running or squats.

Frollocks Sun 28-Feb-21 10:44:07

If you "vape constantly" then up your nicotine. You do seem to have posted several photos of your gob on here for various reasons though.

Wheresmybiscuit3 Mon 10-May-21 03:07:53

It’s how you angle the vape. The roof of my mouth started hurting and I had a bump there. I realised it was how I was using the vape when I googled. Now I tilt it more I don’t have this problem

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