Struggling with switch to vaping any tips?

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Elfelina Mon 25-Jan-21 20:54:49

As it says really, have been fighting a losing battle to ditch the fags for years now and failed with many different methods blush I have never been keen to switch to vaping however I now feel it is the only realistic way I might stay off the fags.

Bought a vape kit couple of weeks ago - Smok Nord 2 and various flavours of liquid in 18mg and 12mg nicotine. I have to say I have got on somewhat better with the vape this time than previous attempts and have cut down from 20 cigs a day to about 4 - 5. I feel very much dependent on those remaining cigs though and can't imagine going without them. Although the vape does seem to help me get through the day and stay on top of lots of the cravings, it really does not ever hit the spot the way a real cig does, I have tried switching the liquid, adjusting the wattage, using different coils but nothing seems to make a difference.
Has anyone else found this and have any helpful tips?? I really want to be able to make the change and ditch the fags completely but at the moment I feel like it just won't ever be possible I really do not want to keep smoking fags. I know many people who have just never looked back once started vaping despite being long time smokers so I now worry that it just isnt for me and I will always crave a real cigarette. Please tell me it gets easier 😬

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Frollocks Tue 26-Jan-21 09:00:35

I switched in 2012 using a huge disposable cigalike device with menthol flavour, never a menthol smoker.
Didn't really mean to quit smoking altogether, tried and failed multiple times, just to cut down from 20 per day to 10.
Personally found it easy, 4 days after picking it up I had my last fag.
Never suffered any cravings for a real cigarette since although for the first few weeks I did hanker after something that tasted like my old lambert and butlers. Impossible ask I quickly realised so I just have multiple flavours on the go at any one time.
As for hitting the spot, vaping will never be the same as smoking but you do get used to something that very nearly does it, not quite as satisfying but far better than smoking if you just can't quit.
If funds permit maybe try other devices, the Caliburn G is pretty good for smokers.
As an incentive for you I reckon I have not spent around £24000 on cigarettes and spent about £2000 on devices/liquid in 8 1/2 years. No intention to quit vaping, I enjoyed smoking for 35 years and this is the best I'll ever get.
You already seem to be doing the right things so just keep at it.

Elfelina Tue 26-Jan-21 14:02:04

Thanks Frollocks. I will stick at it and perhaps look at trying a different device as you suggested. Hoping with a bit more time I will maybe become more used to it and be able to accept that it satisfys the cravings enough to get by. I am determined to crack it this time! That is a massive saving you have made! Obviously that is another major factor for me wanting to switch. Well done! grin

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Enb76 Tue 26-Jan-21 14:09:12

I started with a vape thing that was almost exactly like having a cigarette, flavour was coffee/tobacco. It meant that I didn't feel I was changing too much at once. I wasn't changing the ritual of cigarette to mouth, I held it in exactly the same way, I vaped it like you would smoke a cigarette. Only once I had completely ditched the fags was I able to change up how I vaped.

thatonesmine Tue 26-Jan-21 14:19:40

I found that once I'd smoked a cigarette in a day, vaping wouldn't cut it afterwards. So I'd start the day vaping and kept pushing back the time before I caved and had a fag. Eventually (after maybe a week or two) it had got so that I was having my first smoke of the day at around 11 at night, once I'd got to that point cutting out the fags altogether was pretty easy. I smoked my last cigarette in 2013.

Elfelina Tue 26-Jan-21 20:25:11

Thatonesmine - I think this is probably my issue I tend to have one fairly early on thinking right I'll just have one then stick to the vape rest of the day but then afterwards feel like the vape just isn't quite cutting it. Think will have to try pushing it back as long as poss to see if this helps. Its tricky as I dont want to feel like I am 'rewarding' myself with a real cigarette (which I do blush)
Although I am still smoking I am doing a lot better than I thought I would with the vape. Just hope I can perservere and get to the stage where I only rely on the vape, fingers crossed!

Thank you for the replies, it really is encouraging to hear other peoples success stories with it smile

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bumblenbean Tue 26-Jan-21 20:35:12

Not all Vapes are created equal - it’s all about finding the right one! smile I tried several without success before finding one that (for me) really mimicked the real thing. A couple of times I tried a fag just to see the difference and it made me feel quite ill - tasted absolutely rank and the throat hit was much less (which is weird as the throat hit was what I missed most when I stopped smoking!)

I use the innokin endura t18 and can highly recommend. I find the flavours really sickly and unpleasant so I vape flavourless liquid.
Works a treat, although I am now hopelessly addicted to my vape and carry it everywhere shock

Ginger153 Tue 26-Jan-21 20:38:35

I completely agree with the advice about delaying. Vape first, then cigarette later if needed. It took me about two or three weeks to make the transition. There are some vapes better suited to people trying to stop. If you can, going to a shop is a good shout for advice. Although, not sure if they're open just now. Stick with it, it really does work.

ViperAtTheGatesOfDawn Tue 26-Jan-21 20:51:43

I was on the early vaping threads here (different name then) and one of the mantras was 'count the fags you don't smoke, not the ones you do'! It is much more motivating.

My tips are:

Vape through the cravings, it won't quite hit the spot and you will need a little willpower and bloodymindedness but just keep vaping.

Get decent kit that suits you. Read reviews and see what might work for you. I spent a fortune on kit to start but it settled and the shinyitis didn't last. Vaping is dirt cheap for me now so it wasn't wasted money.

I found it psychologically easier to see it as smoking differently rather than not smoking.

Nicotine isn't the only psychoactive substance in tobacco so just because it feels harder than you expected doesn't mean it is, but the cravings for the other addictive and nice feeling bits go quite quickly.

Put your fags and smoking kit in another room, or leave in the porch/car/whatever.

There was some evidence IIRC that said switching flavours made success more likely.

Some people switch just like that with no bother, I wasn't one of those and kept up some fags for a few months. I only smoked outdoors and a spell of shitty weather helped loads!

Elfelina Tue 26-Jan-21 21:23:48

Thanks for all the helpful tips everyone!

Viper - this is why I am trying to get on with vaping, as disgusting as smoking is it is something which I have genuinely enjoyed doing for such a long time (minus the health risks, smell and cost of course!) So feel that if I can get on with a vape at least I will still feel like I am sort of smoking. For this reason I always go outside with the vape too as I have never smoked in the house so this way I feel as though I have went for a fag - a bit ridiculous I know! grin

Bumble and Ginger, I am certainly open to trying various devices to find 'the one' but unfortunately the vape shops are not open and I find I get completely confused trying to read up online about the many different types. I bought mine online based on it having decent reviews and am fairly happy with it at the moment as far as vapes I have tried go but would definitely like to be able to get into a shop as soon as they open back up to get some recommendations

Bought lots of sweetie and fruity liquids to start with thinking this will be nice but find the novelty wears off quite quickly so mostly using menthol ones.
It is nice to hear that others have taken a bit of time to make the transition as I know people who have literally picked up a vape one day and never smoked a fag again which had me worried that I just wasn't cut out for a vape. I will stick in there and follow advice you have all given, thanks it has made me feel more confident that I will get there!

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ViperAtTheGatesOfDawn Tue 26-Jan-21 21:34:37

I also loved smoking, but am nearly 7 years in now and no fags.

Nicotine from vaping is more slow and steady than the hit you get in smoking form, which is why it can be easier if you have your vape with you for the moment you get a craving. Don't worry about over-doing it, nicotine alone (without the smoking shit) is not a lot more harmful than caffeine, and it might just make you feel a bit nauseous if you vape too much.

Elfelina Tue 26-Jan-21 21:53:18

Thanks viper, I have been trying to only use the vape at times I would normally go for a fag as I worry that I will just have it permanently attached to my face otherwise! However perhaps I should just use it as much as I want for just now to hopefully make it easier.

I do sometimes find that I feel a bit wheezy/ tight chested after puffing away on the vape, it passes quickly but I do not experience this with fags which I thought was a bit odd. Has anyone else found this? Maybe it is just because I am not quite used to it yet, I hope anyway 😬

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ViperAtTheGatesOfDawn Tue 26-Jan-21 22:16:12

Wheezing and coughing are common side effects of giving up smoking so it can be hard to tell whether it's that or vaping. Vaping can dry you out though so make sure you drink more to compensate while you're adjusting.

Different juices/flavours and PG/VG ratio can impact too (I can't use high PG juice).

ViperAtTheGatesOfDawn Tue 26-Jan-21 22:19:00

It's worth looking at a list of 'what to expect when you give up smoking' as some of it is quite unpleasant and some people think it's the vaping causing it when it's the giving up smoking that's actually causing it.

One of my best moments was a couple of years ago when my dentist was surprised that I'd previously been a smoker.

Elfelina Wed 27-Jan-21 00:38:52

Sorry Viper bit late to reply! That is so good hear though as one of my biggest motivators for switching is the effect that smoking has had on my teeth and gums. I know the damage cannot be undone but if I can prevent it from getting any worse I'll be very happy with that!
I have at various points in the past managed to stop smoking (albeit short lived) so am familiar with the unpleasant side effects of quitting but this doesnt feel like that its more just immediately after vaping my chest feels a bit tight then it passes. I think I may look into the higher vg juices as I have heard that the high pg ones do not agree with everybody.
Definitely need to drink more as already noticing the drying effect.

Thanks for all your tips it is so encouraging to hear that you've been doing this 7 years and dont miss the fags. I very much hope that is going to be me one day! grin

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Nat6999 Wed 27-Jan-21 01:06:47

Have you tried tobacco flavoured vape juice? It might help you feel more like you are smoking. If it is the nicotine hit you are missing, take a big hit on your vape, hold it in as long as you can, breathe it out & then hit again & hold, do this 4 or 5 times & you will get the full nicotine hit you need, it may take some practice. Look at different vape set ups, you might be better with something like a Freemax Fireluke twister, it is the size of a chunky pen, you can buy a fatter glass to hold more juice.

Nat6999 Wed 27-Jan-21 01:09:04

Look on Ebay, there are lots of vape shops selling on there.

ViperAtTheGatesOfDawn Wed 27-Jan-21 01:20:06

I personally wouldn't buy vape kit off ebay and only use known branded kit from known sellers, too many fakes out there to risk it.

Elf it does sound like lower PG juice might do the job, I'm fine now on 50/50 but started off on 100% VG.

serenegiraffe Wed 27-Jan-21 01:28:04

Well done @Elfelina for giving up 😀 (note the positive “giving up” not “trying to give up” 😁). I gave up 2 years ago and really love my endura t1811, it’s chunkier than cigs but nice and slim fir a vape. I actually have 3, because I’m vaping non stop and run the batteries down fast! I used to smoke outdoors too, and chose the winter to give up so that I could ‘reward’ myself by baking indoors, which made the choice much easier: smoke outside in the cold and wet, or vape indoors warm and dry. And baby steps, each week set a new ‘start time’ before you can smoke your first cigarette, pushing it back in half hour increments.
My last tip: chip one out half way through and put it back in your half used pack, the awful smell might help you refrain. Please don’t stop because you’ve had a few lapses, it took me many many attempts, and you will get there!
Good luck, and keep us posted how you’re getting on halo

serenegiraffe Wed 27-Jan-21 01:29:16

Vaping, not baking confused....though whatever gets you through!!! grin

FossilisedFanny Wed 27-Jan-21 01:36:10

I upped the nicotine to 20mg and it hits the spot , I haven’t had a cigarette for a year now. I also have a Smok and love it .

LadyMinerva Wed 27-Jan-21 01:42:00

I gave up the cigs nearly two years ago. Went on to the vape, slowly dropped the nicotine down until it was gone and then just had to eliminate the hand to mouth habit.

When I first started on the vape (which took some getting used to) I was told not to alternate. You can't have a mixture of cigs and vape. It's one or the other or it doesn't work.

LadyMinerva Wed 27-Jan-21 01:44:27

Forgot to add, I was a medium to heavy smoker for 30 years. Thought it would be impossible to give up. It wasn't as hard as I thought.

banned Wed 27-Jan-21 02:04:55

Please keep trying! I smoked for 30 years and have only recently found that I can vape and leave the dirty cigarettes alone. That said, I had to try a lot of different vaping things, find the one that suits you. Plus the liquid, it is all about taste. Lucky for me I like one out if about a thousand.

Also, the best advice given to me by a heavy smoker now vaper friend was to vaoe morning and night. So you don't hit that craving of the first cigarette in the morning, the last one before sleeping etc. That really helped me. Also I went for a much weaker liquid as easier to get a hit and have the 'smoke' than have a heavier dose and cough to much to get past it.

Keep going, you can do it.

serialtester Wed 27-Jan-21 07:41:28

I use the Nord 2. Which coil are you using? I find the 0.4 coil on 25 watts perfect. Like others have said just vape loads, don't restrict yourself to when you'd normally have a cig! Good luck!

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