Need help to stay stopped.

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TheSandman Mon 11-Jan-21 12:03:48

I stopped about 10 years ago in my early 50s. I gave myself permission to eat something whenever I felt the need for a ciggy. Preferably something that needed a little effort or ritual to get at. Like go to the biscuit tin and get an individually wrapped biscuit such as a Penguin which I could only eat once I had sat down again. I put on weight sure enough but once I'd replaced the smoking ritual with the biscuit ritual I went to work on that.

Imtoooldforallthis Mon 11-Jan-21 11:57:53


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Imtoooldforallthis Mon 11-Jan-21 09:03:46

I'm 57, smoked since I was 15, stopped twice when pregnant but not for long. Eventually ended up on 5-7 a day unless drinking it on holiday. Always smoked menthol. I knew I would struggle when they stopped selling them. Anyway I stopped in March, I had a little ecig with 0% nicotine which I use occasionally if I've had a drink. When I gave up I told no one, surprisingly my husband nor my two children noticed, even though I wasn't going outside. I feel no different, no healthier, but I know it is better for me. My problem is as times going on I'm missing it more and more and feel like I could easily start again. I'm certainly not your usual non smoker that hates all smokers. Has anyone else felt like this that could give me some advice.

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