Anyone want to join me in stopping vaping?

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DrDolittlesParrot Wed 30-Dec-20 12:12:52

I've vaped for about 6 years. I stopped smoking cigarettes 15 years ago, but then started vaping when I was stressed with work. I now find I vape almost continuously. I've had a sore throat on and off for most of this year.

I need to stop.

Unfortunately due to other health issues I'm not working at present, so not particularly busy to keep me occupied. I have anxiety problems that often keep me at home.

Would anyone like to join me in supporting each other?

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Thesmellofolfbooks Wed 30-Dec-20 12:20:29

Me! I plan to stop too and have been discussing this with my OH alot. I've been vaping around 5 years and the thing never leaves my mouth shock it gives me a dry throat and dry tongue. I use it alot more when drinking alcohol which I also want to reduce/stop (im doing dry january). It honestly can't be good for us I know they say its alot better than smoking but its still an unhealthy vice to have.

What are your plans OP? I have already bought the gum which was quite expensive (around £18) but I can't use patches as they make me feel so strange and dizzy. I couldn't just stop cold turkey as it is very much like stopping smoking and I know ill need something to take the edge off.

When is your start date? Mines will be new years day I think.

I will join you OP

DrDolittlesParrot Wed 30-Dec-20 12:31:21

Hi @Thesmellofolfbooks !

Yes to the dry throat and tongue. It's even worse than smoking because it tastes nice and I vape indoors, whereas I would never smoke indoors.

I'm thinking of stopping today, although as usual the first thing I did this morning was reach for my vape. Maybe tomorrow ...

I've got gum too. I did use patches when I stopped smoking, but I think making chewing gum will give me something to do as well.

I also worry a bit about covid and my lungs. As you say it's supposedly better for us than smoking, but it's still going into our lungs. Who knows what damage it's causing?

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DrDolittlesParrot Wed 30-Dec-20 12:33:08

I think I may have to lock my ecig away somewhere. I don't want to throw it away, as it was quite expensive. What do you plan to do?

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Ffsnosexallowed Wed 30-Dec-20 12:34:40

What strength nicotine are you using? Would decreasing the strength gradually help? I use 3mg, the habit is definitely more hand/mouth than nicotine related for me now. Might try 0% soon

DrDolittlesParrot Wed 30-Dec-20 12:38:18

I'm using 12mg. I used to use 3mg, but started increasing the strength because I was using it so much, read online that increasing the strength could help with that. But it hasn't sad

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Thesmellofolfbooks Wed 30-Dec-20 12:42:14

I plan to bin mines on new years day otherwise I'll just end up grabbing it again! Its so addictive especially, as you say, you can smoke it indoors so its so easy to puff away on it while having a cuppa on the sofa. I can't commit until new years eve is out of the way as I know ill be having a prosecco but I'm hoping that dry january will be easier since I won't have alcohol in the equation (or I could be throwing myself to much into the deep end lol we will see)

Another thing I've bought is ginger herbal tea as its got a spicy kind of kick and kind of hits your throat a bit so I'm hoping it will help.

I currently vape 6mg - I tried to 0 before
@Ffsnosexallowed it wasn't for me but it may work for you! The gum I've bought is 2mg which i hope takes the edge off and also breaks the habit of grabbing something to puff on constantly.

Notonthestairs Wed 30-Dec-20 12:45:34

I really need this thread. Given up vaping several times over the last few years but kicking myself at going back to it on the flimsiest of excuses.
Planning on binning it New Years Day - I need a fresh start.

DrDolittlesParrot Wed 30-Dec-20 12:47:12

I've got some ginger tea in the cupboard, might try that too.

I'm scared to throw mine away sad I know I should. I've put it in a drawer before and it hasn't worked, so getting rid would be best. They're just so expensive.

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DrDolittlesParrot Wed 30-Dec-20 12:47:58

Join us @Notonthestairs, we can do this together!

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DrDolittlesParrot Wed 30-Dec-20 12:48:55

Maybe I'll wait until New Years Day too then, we can all stop at the same time.

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Notonthestairs Wed 30-Dec-20 12:53:26

Maybe you could ask someone else to store it for you? Just to remove the temptation.
I've thrown 2 away in the past - and then repurchased blush

I have to remove any chance of picking it up again.

I'm going to stay off the booze for a couple of weeks - not dry January, just less soggy.

Thesmellofolfbooks Wed 30-Dec-20 12:56:43

I would definitely advice you to bin it @DrDolittlesParrot if you're anything like me the first stress and you will grab it! They are expensive but our health is our wealth and if we never give up it will just continue to cost more and more money.

The guy in the chemist where I bought the gum asked me if I wanted to join the no smoking clinic and he could give me the gum for free, he asked how many cigarettes I smoke a day and actually laughed when I told him it was vaping I was giving up grin he said he can still join me up but I had the kids with me so plan to go join in the new year because the gum is so expensive!

I plan to write down everything I hate about vaping and read it everything I get an urge. I also plan on reading up on the dangers of vaping to scare myself into being committed on giving up! I will check in everyday on this thread too to hold myself accountable.

DrDolittlesParrot Wed 30-Dec-20 13:00:54

That's interesting, I'll check that out at my local chemist too, because it's quite expensive.

I know I should throw it away, I'll try and build up to it blush

I'll check in daily too.

Any plans to keep yourself busy? I've been knitting a lot, so will continue with that. I also got a crossword book for Christmas and have other craft kits I should start.

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Ffsnosexallowed Wed 30-Dec-20 13:07:16

If you are serious about stopping vaping then i think its similar to stopping any habit. You NEED to get rid! By keeping it you are assuming you're going to use it again.

Jade308 Wed 30-Dec-20 13:11:42

Why don't you throw all the coils away, that way you don't need to bin the vape but you have to make an effort to order the coils or go to the shop?

DrDolittlesParrot Wed 30-Dec-20 13:12:06

I know, you're right sad If it was cigarettes I'd throw them away. I just know how many times I did that when I stopped smoking and then ended up buying more. Not as easy to buy a new vape.

I've downloaded the nhs smokefree app, I'll see what it's like. I've also emailed the local stop smoking organisation.

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DrDolittlesParrot Wed 30-Dec-20 13:12:56

@Jade308 that's a good idea, I'll do that. Thanks!

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Countdowntonothing Wed 30-Dec-20 13:20:04

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

DrDolittlesParrot Wed 30-Dec-20 13:41:04

Join us anyway @Countdowntonothing. Maybe you'll feel able to quit some time in the future.

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Jade308 Wed 30-Dec-20 16:08:20

@DrDolittlesParrot no worries.. will be looking to join as I'm surgically attached to mine but am not quite ready yet....

DrDolittlesParrot Wed 30-Dec-20 21:10:13

Shall we all check back in here on new year's day?

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Notonthestairs Thu 31-Dec-20 08:31:58

Yes I'll check back in tomorrow. Starting to feel a bit wobbly about it but it really needs kicking!

Handsnotwands Thu 31-Dec-20 08:36:31

I’m in. I’ve been having the same thoughts. I vape constantly. Wfh has made me even worse

DrDolittlesParrot Thu 31-Dec-20 11:48:45

Hi @Handsnotwands, please join us, the more the merrier. Hopefully we can help each other.

@Notonthestairs hope you will try to stop with us. I'm not wobbling yet, but I know it's going to be hard, especially when I'm stressed.

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