Help me fight my cravings

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jetsetter87 Sat 13-Jun-20 13:36:46

I see this board is quiet but if anyone can help/encourage me ill appreciate this

I am an "occasional smoker" can go weeks without one then on a night out be found outside most of the evening having a cig.

The saturday before lockdown was exactly that situation as I was out woth friends who almost all smoke

Dh is more of a regular smoker. He would have 1/2 in the day at work for example every day.

In lockdown i found myself joining him for one outside in the evenings and then slippery slope alret going out on my own once dc is in bed.

However I could still go 2-3 days without one at all and then have just 1 or 2 when i did indulge.

Anyway! Dh has decided hes quitting. Hes done it before and just stopped buying cigarettes. I went to get one from where they are kept (high in a cuboard) and as there were none he said hes going cold turkey.

Ive not had one since Tuesday (I think...could be monday but definitely not Wednesday) and today my cravings are so strong. Why!!! Im even resentful that Dh going cold Turkey meand i need to also...which i know is that little bastard nicotine talking.

Help me keep focused any tips? And wake up calls? To make it worse i have had friends and family die of the effects of long term smoking sad

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Orkneys Tue 27-Oct-20 12:12:45

Read Allen Carr.
'You can go weeks without one' so you suffer withdrawal and then cave.
You don't enjoy it else you wouldn't stop for weeks and then start again.
The good feeling you get is the end of the craving and it's called suffocation.
Worse thing to do is just have a couple because you suffer the illusion you enjoy it you don't you just ended the nicotine withdrawal.

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