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ElizabethBennet3rd Mon 15-Jun-20 21:03:27

@jorisbonson If it helps at all, I too was (possibly still am) a complete novice, but was recommended by a family member the small and simple vape called ‘esovap’. Fairly cheap on Amazon and comes with two batteries and two coils/reservoirs. You just fill the reservoir with liquid, screw into a battery whilst the other is charging and away you go. Replacement reservoir/coils can be purchased cheaply in packs of 5. I find they last a week or two before you notice the burnt out kinda taste and need to replace it.
Finding the right strength liquid can be a learning curve...but once you do it’s so easy to use as a replacement for smoking.
I failed so many times but am 4 weeks cigarette free with this vape pen! Worth a serious try.
To help the mindset of becoming a ‘non-smoker’ I also read Alan Carr’s book...he says don’t use a substitute but I needed it. Still helped me though.
Good luck!

ReginaldMolehusband Wed 10-Jun-20 08:05:39

Here's a list of "pod" style vapes , the Caliburn is similar to Juul but better and cheaper. Some use coils, some are refillable, some come with prefilled pods you throw away when they are empty. I have an Aegis Boost, easy to change coils but filling it is a bit of a faff and you can't easily see your liquid level.
Hope something there appeals. Shop around though, might be better deals elsewhere.

JorisBonson Tue 09-Jun-20 23:11:04

20 year smoker, 10/15 rollies a day. Noticed I was gasping for breath after walking a flight of stairs yesterday, so it's time to stop.

I have tried vaping before with an Aspire pen but found it leaked, don't understand coils and stuff, always got the liquid everywhere, was crap at remembering to bring liquid, so think I want to avoid anything like that in the future.

Any idiotproof vapes I should be looking at? Have eyed up Juul but don't know if it looks like a lot of money for what you get.


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