Helping 18 year old son to stop smoking

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gettingalife Sun 26-Jan-20 18:54:28

At long last my son has come clean and admitted he's smoked for about 2 years. I was sure he was but he kept denying it, so it was really hard to help him. He now wants to stop and I want to help him. I've never been a smoker so don't know how it feels to have nicotine withdrawal. I'd love some advice please. Patches? Chewing gum? How does it all work and how can I best help him? He doesn't want to vape. Thank you in advance.

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SpecLosers Sun 26-Jan-20 19:06:13

I know it is not allowed on MN, but I would prefer him to vape, the other nicotine replacements do not seem to work so well. But of course let him try them, the gum, inhalers and so on.

Go to the NHS quitline or whatever it's called now and see what they have to say.

My nephew quit using a vape. Your son may not want to but it works.

Like you, I have never smoked, but I have seen so many people quit tobacco and all the other associated chemicals from cigs by vaping. They all tried the alternatives but fell at the first hurdle.

The way they put it to me was they liked the ritual of vape to mouth. OK it could be another habit, but SO safer than smoking cigs.

And the replies will say that vaping has not been proven to be safe either, so be it.

gettingalife Sun 26-Jan-20 19:20:07

That's really helpful SpecLosers, thank you. Will have a look at the NHS advice and think hard about the pros of vaping.

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