Need to quit, need vaping advice?

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CazM2012 Sat 25-Jan-20 12:44:09

Hi, me and DH are both smokers, 10-15 a day but DH has recently had a health scare due to ongoing conditions and I think we now are ready to quit. The habit of going outside and having 5 minutes away from the kids is probably my biggest enjoyment out of smoking, it’s what I’m doing currently! The consultant was very positive about vaping instead of smoking as being a step in the right direction but we have no idea what we are doing. The vape shop in town is open Monday and we will be heading down there but I would like to have some information from people with the experience if anyone could help?

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SarcasticMrKnowItAll Sat 25-Jan-20 12:47:24

As long as it’s a decent shop they should be able to offer you lots of advice and test a few flavours to find one you like. Make sure you go for a nice simple kit to start with, I have an Aspire Zelos which I would recommend.
I gave up last year by vaping and was much easier than going cold turkey

ReginaldMolehusband Sat 25-Jan-20 13:46:38

Have nothing to do with "sub tanks" or cloud chasing gear. Specify MTL "mouth to lung" setups, high nicotine liquid, no lower than 12mg/ml (1.2%). Ignore "nic salts" hype.
Ask about battery life, does it last all day or will you need a spare if you can't charge it and are out and about.

sadaz Sun 09-Feb-20 17:13:30

If you cannot quit smoking and cannot choose a vape product for yourself, then I recommend you go to Here you will find smoking cessation guidelines, as well as vape reviews and practical tips.

detelinar Tue 11-Feb-20 17:49:25

I like the flavor of vape

CazM2012 Tue 11-Feb-20 20:01:35

Thank you all for your advice, it’s been 2 weeks with my vape pen and I haven’t smoked since I walked in the shop to buy it. I’m actually amazed at how easy it has been, my OH is doing it with me too. I have a Smok Nord AIO 19, it’s great but I’m already looking at different ones with bigger batteries blush

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