Anyone giving up smoking for 2020?

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Murphs1 Sat 04-Jan-20 23:13:45

I’m on day 4 no smoking in patches. Anyone else giving up for 2020?
I’ve smoked since I was 17 except when pregnant x2 and am now 45!! Time to knock it on the head. Would be great to hear from others who are taking the plunge! smile

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inkysplatter Sun 05-Jan-20 00:41:54

I stopped for ages but restarted mid December. Planning to stop after tomorrow.

I smoked for a few weeks over the summer too. I found listening to Paul McKenna's quitting smoking audio book really helpful in the summer: I've also bought a groupon hypnotherapy deal as I have a friend who had great success with one.

Personally not a fan of patches as I want to get the nicotine withdrawal done ASAP as it's the habit I have more of a problem with.

Good luck.

Chocolateandchats Sun 05-Jan-20 00:53:48

I stopped after 20 a day for 20 years (bar my pregnancies where I was lucky enough to feel sick at the smell). I read Allen Carrs book and it was life changing, I’d highly recommend it.

Choclips Sun 05-Jan-20 13:58:10

Was 45 myself having stopped. 30 a day! You will too, and that will feel amazing. You honestly have loads to look forward to.

As Chocolateandchats said, Allen Carr book. It was actually more than ok to read and a page turner 😆

Rockingthestocking Sun 05-Jan-20 15:15:00

I stopped new years day, so day 5 for me. Cold turkey. I am doing ok, have even had a few drinks and not caved in. Only 5 a day anyway so not many a day but I loved every single one, and if I could have I would have smoked 20 a day! Keep going and good luck.

Murphs1 Sun 05-Jan-20 15:24:53

Thanks all for replying, is great to know some of you have quit and how. Have read Allan Carr but didn’t really work for me, but may look over it again. The patches seem to be working well and I feel quite motivated. Well done rocking the stocking on cold turkey, that’s quite tough!! And choclips that great you gave up at my age after 30 a day! How long have you been smoke free. Could I also ask those who have quit, what the best thing about being smoke free is. Thanks 😁

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Spoonsmum Sun 05-Jan-20 15:31:44

Yes me smile I’m on day 5 cold turkey. I gave up last December, for ten months, then a job change led me to smoke again I was so cross with myself! Only really smoke at work,and have always fooled myself into thinking I could quit whenever I wanted to. Not the case! I read half of Allen Carr’s book and was very excited about it being a miracle worker but I haven’t finished it yet.
I have found keeping a tracker in my diary where I give a big ol tick for every day I don’t smoke is quite motivating. Weirdly.

I’m looking forward to being able to say “no thanks I don’t smoke”!

Choclips Sun 05-Jan-20 17:22:23

Murphs1 If the patches are working for you, stay with it. Just don't have another fag. Because your done it now! Read the book again ,your nothing to loose.

Very best thing is that I'm not being controlled by them and believe me they did. On a par with that, I can breathe clearly.

My clear chest. I had shortness of breath.I can run. Before I stopped I coughed at any exercise.

The money. Yes I would get down to 10 or 5 but smoking is smoking and it does get to 5/10/15/20/25/30.... I'm better off £76 A WEEK

Much more energy. . I couldn't run for probably 15 years. After 2 months I took the notion to see if I could jog and off I was!

What also worked for me was not saying to people that I was going to quit. Six months and I'm so over the moon ,I'll never have so much as a drag again as I know from the book that's all it takes to be again,
addicted. You can do it!

Obligatorync Sun 05-Jan-20 17:40:12

Hello! Yep started on Jan 1st so into day 5 now. Used 2 patches then cold turkey. Cravings v bad today, feel like I've lost something, but I'm still stopping.

TheLibraryIsOpen Sun 05-Jan-20 18:46:07

Day 5 for me too, been unpleasant and have nicotine replacement stuff if I feel bad, put a patch on the first day but not since. I went to the cinema on my own yesterday to avoid caving. Smoked for 35 years. This is hard. Plus I have given up drinking too!

Obligatorync Sun 05-Jan-20 19:07:54

The NHS site said we might feel 'a little irritable' 😂

Murphs1 Sun 05-Jan-20 19:39:47

Ah thanks choclips you’ve done really well. It’s really encouraging to read all the benefits you’ve experienced. I think one of the things that is good for me is hardly anyone knows I smoke. So that means a lot of planning when I have them or trying to sneak one in and quite frankly I didn’t know how exhausting that was!! My children are 11 and 8 and it won’t be too long before they work it out if they haven’t already and the last thing I want for them is to know I smoke.
Spoonsmum and obligatorync, looks like we all started on New Year’s Day, I must admit this evening has been a bit trickier but one day at a time is the way to go I think. I’ve been a serial quitter often lasting an hour, a day or maybe 3 and that in itself is demotivating, so just need to keep going this time! Good luck everyone smile

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Murphs1 Sun 05-Jan-20 19:44:41

TheLibraryIsOpen, I’ve given up drinking as well and am trying to lose weight and get fit! I know you’re not supposed to try all things at once, but have been feeling so tired and bleurgh, just want to throw everything at it for a month as am fed up with always feeling tired! halo

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Rockingthestocking Sun 05-Jan-20 20:19:33

Well done everyone. We can do this!! I'm about to have another cup of scolding tea. I'm finding I'm missing the sensation so hot tea is helping me. We can do this!

Andbreatheout Sun 05-Jan-20 20:51:48

Well done everyone, it's honestly so impressive as it's incredibly hard to give up!!

I'm on day 18 cold turkey, smoked for 18 years and about 10-15 a day so it was tough and I was so miserable, and over Christmas too sad but it's gotten easier, I know I won't go back now until I'm 80 and then I'll sit every night with my glass of vino and a wee cig in the garden

I'm not over it yet but honestly the only thing that got me through most days was just focusing on making it to the next. I have two cigs downstairs and told myself each day that I'd have one tomorrow it got really bad. A bit nervous about starting work again as think in a way it was easier over Christmas as you're out of routine? Anyway, massive good luck and if I can get this far you all can!!

Andbreatheout Sun 05-Jan-20 20:54:42

And if I had planned to give up I'd have read Alan Carr's book, mine was a battle of wills with dh to see who would give in first. Actually surprised my marriage weathered it as we're only just lessening the anger at each other grin Apparently I'm more stubborn than addicted!

Rockingthestocking Sun 05-Jan-20 20:58:23

Yes I'm worried about going back to work and the old routine. I never smoked in the day but as soon as I am in the front door in the evening I am out the back door having a fag!! So tomorrow I have planned to exercise instead so at least I have a plan. If I can just break that routine I'm feeling positive for the long run.

Murphs1 Sun 05-Jan-20 21:18:45

Yes me too in regards to the routine, but we’ve got this far! Rockingthestocking, I’ve found ginger tea, if you like ginger, burns the back of your throat and helps with cravings. Might be worth a go.
Andbreatheout, well done that’s amazing especially over Christmas. And yes they do say to try something different in your routine. Hsvdxa good day tomo all.

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Murphs1 Sun 05-Jan-20 21:19:58

That made me lol re the wine and fag when you’re 80, I’ll join you in the garden xx😂

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Rockingthestocking Sun 05-Jan-20 21:49:49

My mum's 73 and has a fab and wine at 3pm every day!
Funnily enough I went to a cafe today and asked for ginger tea for that very reason but they didn't have any. It's on my shopping list! I just need that burny scratchy feeling to help, though the cravings are definitely getting less. I haven't been sleeping though, waking a lot with a racing heart and feeling anxious. Have clean sheets tonight so hoping to sleep tonight ready for the first early morning for a fortnight. Thanks so much for the motivation everyone, it really helps.

Rockingthestocking Mon 06-Jan-20 08:11:32

Good luck today everyone, don't give in.

Obligatorync Mon 06-Jan-20 09:11:17

Yeah hang in all! Not quite as bad today.

Murphs1 Mon 06-Jan-20 11:04:26

day 6 nearly a week down so is worth hanging in there! And even more fornbreathe out.

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Murphs1 Mon 06-Jan-20 11:06:08

Hope you slept better last night rocking smile

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Rockingthestocking Mon 06-Jan-20 16:46:10

This is normally my first fag
after a day at work time. I had planned to exercise instead but I appear to not be doing that but on here instead! I did sleep a little better thank you, but still very restless and stressy. Am coping well at moment so got to keep strong. I hope you're all doing ok. It is so hard so keep posting if you need support.

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