Recommend a great tasting eliquid please!

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Itsmeaga1n Thu 26-Jul-18 15:03:06

I've been vaping for a couple of years, always menthol, and I'm bored! I tried lemon which I thought I'd like, tried cherry menthol, but not keen.

What company does the best eliquids from a taste point of view? I prefer 75% vg as I tend to cough on high pg.

I don't like trying in shops because who knows who's been puffing on their ecigs??

What's everyone's favourite flavour?

Thanks smile

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Itsmeaga1n Thu 26-Jul-18 18:00:11

Should add, the reason I vape menthol is because it seems to give the best hit... but I'd like to try something new.

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Itsmeaga1n Fri 27-Jul-18 01:57:00

No one?

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noodlepot Fri 27-Jul-18 05:50:25

I'm currently on sour apple which is ok, i loved the watermelon.

I can also recommend a website but can't recall its name! something like that anyway!

Keepithidden Fri 27-Jul-18 06:02:27

Try the rejuiced sample pack. There's a wide range of flavours in it and I found I liked the majority of them.

Itsmeaga1n Fri 27-Jul-18 16:10:11

Thanks for the tips, I'll try the samples!

noodle what brand sour apple do you vape?

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Mouseville65 Sun 29-Jul-18 17:20:44

Iv just got 'purple soothers' today, has the mental element you like and tastes exactly like hall soothers smile

Itsmeaga1n Sun 29-Jul-18 18:51:12

Thanks, I think I'd like to get away from menthol though.

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fbradf01 Sun 29-Jul-18 18:57:12

Blu do a strawberry mint one, smells like strawberry laces! Lovely!

Frouby Sun 29-Jul-18 19:00:49

I always use RY4. Its a cross between a caramel and a tobacco but a very mild tobacco. Doesnt taste 'faggy'.

Or I have used some actual caramels in the past but I don't like them too sweet. I don't like fruit flavours usually but occasionally use blueberry.

Our vape shop has little disposable mouth pieces so you aren't sharing someone elses spit.

Itsmeaga1n Thu 02-Aug-18 19:50:15

I dont really want anything that tastes of tobacco.

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Ollivander84 Mon 13-Aug-18 12:47:02

Cotswold Vapour and digbys e liquid both v v good. Digbys usually have a discount code on their Facebook page too

JoesJuice Wed 10-Oct-18 15:28:15

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magimedi Wed 10-Oct-18 17:20:58


Vapermatt Tue 30-Mar-21 14:26:04

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