Any Vape experts out there?

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bigfishlittlefishtupperwarebox Tue 26-Jun-18 21:18:18


I'm new to vaping, started last week to quit smoking using a little pen thing (liberty flights premier). I bought a spare battery from eBay (2200 mAh rather than original 650 as I assumed it would just last longer) and am stumped. It seems to work, but makes it really hard to draw on the e-cig. Does anyone have any idea why?? I just can't work it out and don't want to make the same mistake again, if it is a mistake I've made.


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Jins Wed 27-Jun-18 09:25:19

The kit you are using looks like a standard ego type battery without variable wattage or voltage.

My guess is that the replacement battery from eBay isn't putting out enough power. I don't use that type of setup any more but I remember having one battery that didn't work as well as the first.

If you like that set up then I'd try another battery. Look for an ego twist which has variable voltage so you can find the level that suits you best.

Or cut your losses and go for an aspire pockex or an innokin endura. The Pockex is around £20 and I'm really impressed with it as a starter kit.

ReginaldMolehusband Wed 27-Jun-18 09:43:15

The ce4 gets it's air flow through the bottom of the connector, likely the threads of the new battery are blocking the air. You could try unscrewing it a bit to see if the air flow improves.
The ce4 is ancient in vaping terms and if you can't get it to work properly with the new battery then agree with Jins re upgraded kit.

bigfishlittlefishtupperwarebox Wed 27-Jun-18 10:33:50

Thanks both. Strangely I bought a pocket-x this morning as it was on offer. It's so different to the pen one I have, the vapour comes out really fast and warm. Am I just very picky?? Is that normal? Sorry..

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ReginaldMolehusband Wed 27-Jun-18 10:48:38

Perfectly normal, the pocket x is far more powerful than your original kit. Main difference is low resistance coils produce hotter vapour in greater volume than the old ce4 ego combo.
Decent kit, good luck with it!

bigfishlittlefishtupperwarebox Wed 27-Jun-18 11:24:20

Great. Thanks for the advice!!

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ReginaldMolehusband Wed 27-Jun-18 11:32:47

No worries, one thing to watch for though is the draw on it (when you inhale) is quite loose compared to the ce4 or indeed a cigarette so may take some getting used to.
Good review here when you have a spare 15 mins, , igetcha69 been at the vape game since 2009 so knows his stuff.

Jins Wed 27-Jun-18 12:27:24

You do get a warmer vape from the pockex but it's worth preserving with technique as its going to be far more satisfying.

I'm still predominantly a mouth to lung vaper but I prefer a looser draw so the pockex is fine for me. The innokin endura is a bit tighter and has a higher resistance coil so the vape should be a bit cooler.

Good luck

Boluker Fri 04-Sep-20 16:28:28

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