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Tips on helping DH with quitting smoking

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justanotherday4 Mon 21-May-18 08:54:37

Hi all, just after some advice on how I can help my DH with stopping smoking. He made the decision that he would stop as of yesterday, it was entirely his decision and he'd been thinking of it for a while because Saturday was a milestone birthday. He's been smoking for more than his life than not, approx. 15-20 a day. I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it will be for him. I don't know whether it's something I should be mentioning often, as in asking how he's getting on with it or whether I just shouldn't mention it. I was so proud of him yesterday that he managed a whole day without one and told him so. I'm prepared for him to be really irritable..... anyone got any tips for him or myself? Tia

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