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Suddenly desperate for a cigarette after almost 6 months

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muminthecity Sun 15-Oct-17 14:48:14

I used to smoke 20 a day, I quit completely in April and have been happily vaping ever since. Suddenly woke up this morning thinking about smoking and with super strong cravings for a cigarette. I've been vaping lots and trying to distract myself in other ways but it doesn't seem to be subsiding.

Why would I have this all of a sudden? I haven't craved cigarettes for months! Haven't changed my vape liquids or kit or anything. I use 3mg liquids, but do have some 6mg ones, should I try the stronger one and see if it helps? Any other suggestions?

ReginaldPMolehusband Sun 15-Oct-17 18:32:07

Certainly worth a try, won't do any harm after all. Personally haven't had any cravings for a cigarette in 5 years since I switched but the quit smoking stats do count 12 months tobacco free as the indicator of full smoking cessation, many quitters do fail within the first year so you're not alone. Keep at it!

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