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Accidentally stopped smoking

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BulletFox Thu 31-Aug-17 20:58:27


I have like most smokers tried to quit what seems like a million times.

I saw a smoking advisor last week, and booked an appointment for tomorrow, but...

In the interim I lost my bank card a couple of days ago & am waiting for a replacement to come through, the nearest branch is over an hour away, so abstinence has been forced upon me rather than I'm trying.

The advisor will think I'm as good as gold tomorrow but this isn't the case, I just haven't been able to purchase tobacco!

Any suggestions on how to change my mindset? The card will probably arrive Saturday blush

emma1282 Fri 10-Nov-17 21:01:45

Don't worry about that. It doesn't matter if the abstinence has been forced or if you did it out of choice. Once you stop smoking for a while, you will find other positive ways to keep you occupied. In fact, that is something that you need to do. Ask yourself why you have been smoking. Was that to handle a stress or a company because of lonliness or what would be the reason? Understand this and then you will be able to find a way to creatively occupy yourself and stay above all these. A day will come when you won't need a smoke. That day you have completely quit out of your own choice. So, take Abstinence as a first step towards that goal. Hope this helps. Share about your journey here smile

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