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Quit and started vaping

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thesqueezedlemon Sat 03-Jun-17 17:32:17

I'm finding it hard. Maybe I'm not dragging on the ecig enough. And words of wisdom from seasoned vapers. And when will it get easier?

Ollivander84 Sat 03-Jun-17 17:33:29

Vape as much as you need to
Make sure your nicotine strength is high enough

TheFabledSnake Sat 03-Jun-17 17:35:26

It takes a while to get used to it because the throat hit isn't the same.

Took me a while to get into the groove of it so to speak, with flavours and strengths. Perhaps go to a local vape shop to get an idea of what would work for you and use a higher strength nicotine.

I did still have cigarettes when changing over and I think this is normal?

thesqueezedlemon Sat 03-Jun-17 17:51:48

I got a cheapo rechargeable one and an 18ml liquid. The strongest one they had.

CosmoSmallpiece Sun 04-Jun-17 11:51:12

I switched 5 years ago using a cheapo rechargeable ecig but I didn't set out to quit. I just wanted to cut down from 20 cigs a day and thought an ecig would help. First day went down to 15, then 10 then 5 then 0, started on a Monday had my last ever tobacco cigarette on the Thursday.
Get a better setup from a vape shop as suggested above, unfortunately 18mg is the highest level you can get now in the EU unless you source from further afield ie. China.
Public Health now acknowledge the dismal success rates in NRT like patches is because people don't use enough so again as above puff away as much as you can and good luck.

SaucyJack Sun 04-Jun-17 17:53:40

IME if you want to make a serious go at vaping, then you'll need to invest a bit more money on an e-fag that's got enough oomph behind it to deliver a proper hit.

I used the cheap ones on and off for ages, but it wasn't until I got a decent one that I stopped craving cigarettes as well.

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