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Anyone used these??

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MrsTaytodarling Fri 19-May-17 07:29:03

Hi everyone! I'm new to this and totally clueless! Has anyone used these or know anything about them? And also, is it ok to use any brand of liquid with any ecig? Thanks grin

TrevorMcDoughnut Fri 19-May-17 10:24:00

Looks like something that would've been out about 3/4 years ago, old generic rebranded technology. Not the best on the market but will give a wee bit of satisfaction. Any eliquid will be fine although lowest pg/vg I would use would be 50/50. Higher vg will be too thick to wick properly.

PencilsInSpace Thu 25-May-17 11:36:11

It's old tech but a kit just like that is what got me off the fags 3 1/2 years ago smile If you're looking for help setting it up, trouble shooting etc. it's useful to know that the generic name for that tank is CE4 and the battery is called an eGo. If you search those terms on youtube you'll find lots of helpful videos.

As Trevor says, any eliquid is fine. I see you have 12mg strength there. You might find 18mg more satisfying with that setup.

This is not such an issue with modern kit but those batteries, especially the lesser known brands, can be dangerous plugged into the wrong charger.

Make sure the charger lead it comes with has:

Input: DC 5V
Output: DC 4.2V and 500mA (sometimes written as 0.5A)
Also check it has a CE mark.

You should be fine plugging it into a computer to charge but if you want to use a wall plug make sure the output is no higher than 500mA (or 0.5A). Phone chargers are all higher than this so beware.

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