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solomonsfish85 Tue 16-May-17 11:05:31

Been vaping the last 7 weeks and I'm looking to upgrade. I'm currently vaping on a gs evolution II. Got it in a vape shop as a starter kit.its done the job so far but I feel like it's not as satisfying anymore. The liquid keeps leaking into my mouth and I'm not getting the throat hit anymore. I've tried changing the tank bit but it's still not the best so I'm looking to upgrade to something better!!still very new to vaping and learning as I go so any advice would be great!

magimedi Tue 16-May-17 11:21:29

Many of us upgraded to a mini nautilus tank + ELeaf Istick battery & are very happy with it. I've been using that combo for about 2 years now.

solomonsfish85 Tue 16-May-17 12:35:34

Thanks magi. Is that a big tank kind of one? Don't know how I would get on with one of those as I'm so used to the pen like

magimedi Tue 16-May-17 13:04:52

I thought the same as you but I loved it from the word go. The I stick fits so well in my hand (& I have small hands).

THIS shows what my set up looks like.

solomonsfish85 Tue 16-May-17 15:01:31

That looks like a good one. I will be shopping at the weekend!! I have small hands too so this could be perfect. Will have to check see how much they are in euros as I'm in ireland. Thanks for the recommendation grin

Ollivander84 Tue 16-May-17 15:04:20

I loved my istick, upgraded from that to the ipower. Also liked the mini nautilus but I've changed to a mini triton purely because I prefer the top fill

Jins Tue 16-May-17 20:00:35

I'm another istick fan but I use a pico.

I'm also a nautilus fan. I've got the large and mini ones but they are proving harder to find as the nautilus 2 is out. The nautilus 2 uses the same coils but is top fill. Looks good.

On another thread there is a link to the aspire premium starter kit at a bargain price. It's a mini nautilus and a matched variable voltage battery.

I still use my big nautilus but I've moved into rebuildables and I'm using one called a doggystyle as my go to tank smile

solomonsfish85 Tue 16-May-17 21:58:44

Thanks jins. I'll try and find that thread. They do cost a bit from what I can see but good in the long run as I'm spending a lot replacing the tanks more frequently recently! smile

solomonsfish85 Tue 16-May-17 22:00:28

Olivander I'll have a look at those you mentioned too..God there is so much to choose from isn't there! smileshock

Jins Tue 16-May-17 22:10:45

Found the premium kit here for £19.99

Seeing as the nautilus mini costs that on its own and you get coils and a matched battery it looks like a good deal. I have no clue about the vendor though

solomonsfish85 Tue 16-May-17 22:33:17

That is a great bargain!thanks for the link. How are you finding the rebuildable one? Think it'll take me a while to get to your stage grin

Ollivander84 Tue 16-May-17 22:41:12

Cheap liquid here too. It's made by triphammer so it's good stuff

solomonsfish85 Tue 16-May-17 22:53:05

Im spoilt for choice here! Thank you olivander. Currently vaping heisen's a minty kind of flavour getting a bit bored of it now though so going to order a few from that link. Like the sound of asteroidgrin

Jins Tue 16-May-17 23:15:54

I love the rebuildable one. It's really easy to build and the flavour is great. I still like my nautilus a lot though. Excellent flavour

FuckMyUterus Thu 18-May-17 12:56:41

Hi guys! Just posted a vaping thread in AIBU, didn't realise there was a stop smoking section on here! smile

solomonsfish85 Fri 19-May-17 22:31:55

I didn't realise either till I actually wanted to give up smoking! !where are you at with the giving up? smile

FuckMyUterus Sat 20-May-17 17:42:12

Oh I'm an old timer, been vaping almost 4yrs now! Literally cannot wait for expo next weekend!

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