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PG allergy or normal 'start-up' symptoms? Please advise!

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mimita Mon 08-May-17 19:46:02

Seasoned vapers - I'm desperately seeking some advice please. I've just started vaping (4 days ago) and love it - I can't believe how easy it has been to give up my 10-15 day roll-up habit which I don't want to return to! Unfortunately I am experiencing an extremely sore, red throat and swollen glands and am having to take painkillers to deal with it! It subsides if I don't vape for a few hours but is back with a vengeance when I do.
I suspect this may be a PG allergy but wondered if there are any vapers who have experienced this on starting and found it resolved itself? I have read about PG sensitivity and understand that I may need to try high or pure VG juice if this is what I have, but I can't use that in my current kit which is a kanger top EVOD and am confused about what I should order next. Are there any pen-style devices that can take high VG? Or do I have to get a more complicated kit? (Confused about which clearomisers can go with which batteries)
Should I just try a 50/50 in my current device? I'm also concerned about losing the throat hit which I feel I need. (I am currently vaping a mix of tobacco and a menthol/berry favour - both are 70PG 30VG).
Really grateful for any advice, apologies for the rambling queries. I have been scouring the internet but still confused about the way to go!

Jins Mon 08-May-17 23:44:16

I had a dreadful sore throat and weirdly a sore tongue in the first week. It did settle down. I didn't have swollen glands though - could it be an inconvenient virus? I think we're quite vulnerable when giving up smoking personally.

70% PG is very high. I started on 50/50 then switched to 60/40 VG/PG That was fine in a basic clearo. I'm on 70% VG now and it's ok in all the tanks I regularly use. It was ok in my starter set as long as I didn't chain vape.

Are you thinking about upgrading your kit? I rate the innokin Endura T18 as a good starter set up and I've seen some very good prices for it recently. That will definitely cope with higher VG. The nautilus 2 is highly regarded (it's the updated very popular nautilus mini) but you'd need to think about a better battery to get the best from it.

There are some good deals around at the moment as there's only a few weeks before the restrictions kick in

mimita Tue 09-May-17 08:03:27

That's really helpful, thank you Jins. Sounds like it might be a combination of starting up and a high VG then. Possibly a virus but my glands are far more swollen after a vaping session and settle down if I don't vape for a while so seems to be linked. I will try a 50/50 and 60/40 mix in my current kit and see if that helps.

Definitely want to upgrade soon (especially if going with higher VG) so thanks for the recommendations too - one more question is how do I know what battery will go with something like a nautilus 2? could I still use a 'pen-style' battery?

Jins Tue 09-May-17 09:39:32

The nautilus 2 is a versatile tank which can take a range of coils including a sub ohm coil. (More vapour but needs higher wattage). If you are thinking along the lines of a nautilus 2 then look for a variable wattage battery. There are plenty around but there's more choice in the box style ones than the pen ones.

Many of us use the nautilus mini combined with an eleaf istick battery of some form and it's a winning combination.

Have a look at some of the clearance sections on various online suppliers. I've seen some incredible deals out there. If I find anything I'll post it here - I'm about to raid the sales myself

Jins Tue 09-May-17 09:43:04

This looks good

It's the old nautilus starter kit but it comes with 5 coils (worth a tenner or so).

Jins Tue 09-May-17 09:46:04

Endura T18 starter kit

Jins Tue 09-May-17 09:51:21

This isn't quite up to the bargain they had last week which included an istick but the nimbus is actually a really nice tank. I'm using it with 70% VG and it really hits the spot.

Free postage with vapeinc if I remember right and I googled and found a 15% discount code which worked

mimita Tue 09-May-17 20:02:04

Some great deals there, thanks so much for posting all those links. Hankering after the Nautilus and istick but can't find a combo under £40 and don't think I can justify that outlay after just buying my starter kit!

So the nano is amazingly cheap and I could definitely go for that, but could also stretch to the Endura T18 starter kit - would you have a recommendation between the two of them? I am defo heading for 70/30 mix - I got a 50/50 juice today and so far I think it's helping but glands still somewhat swollen!

Thanks again for all the advice smile

mimita Tue 09-May-17 21:21:08

Just found this for £25! Presuming it's the same as the ukecigstore kit... hmm!

Jins Tue 09-May-17 23:02:10

Well found. It looks the same.

I'd go with a nautilus over the Endura. More versatile. The Endura is a nice vape and great flavour but there's something special about the nautilus.

The nano kit would be OK as a stealthy spare. I'm trying to stop myself buying it smile

mimita Wed 10-May-17 13:26:30

Yes it's hard to resist such a bargain!

Have ordered the nautilus and looking forward to trying it out grin

Jins Wed 10-May-17 13:42:51

I paid over £20 for my nautilus mini alone so considering you get 5 coils with it the battery is virtually free!

There are some very positive reviews of that kit on YouTube. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Let us know how you get on

mimita Thu 11-May-17 09:44:49

I will do! Thanks smile

mimita Fri 12-May-17 20:43:20

Wow what a difference! I had already changed to a 50/50 mix in the kanger which had helped my throat a little, but the nautilus is amazing - so much smoother and my throat/glands are back to normal!

Thanks so much for the recommendations - I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to continue vaping sad

I'm wondering about batteries now and whether I would get more flavour from a more powerful battery? Bit confused by all the technicalities involved in vaping confused but have been checking out the vaping threads here to help get my head round it.

Have found a juice I love - After Dark from Vapology - though it's got a bit sickly for me to use all the time so now vaping a straight tobacco flavour, and have a berry/menthol juice to try later grin

I'm such a vaping convert with this Nautilus - thanks again Jins smile

Jins Fri 12-May-17 21:52:12

So glad it's worked out well for you flowers

The battery that comes with the kit is matched to the nautilus mini so I don't think you'd see much improvement. I'm running mini triton coils in my nautilus at the moment which can take more power. The nautilus coils I run at about 4.3 volts.

If you do feel you need another battery and don't mind a wait then fasttech do authentic products at good prices. Make sure it says authentic in the title.

Older model isticks are popping up in sales at the moment. You don't need massive wattage for a nautilus so even the original 20w is fine. The mini is a bit underpowered though

mimita Fri 19-May-17 11:02:48

Hi Jins, after all your useful advice I just wanted to share this site I found this morning when looking for spare kits:

They seem to have some amazing bargains until the end of today if you're after any smile

Jins Fri 19-May-17 11:31:50

Oh thanks very much. I've been spending like mad today. Lots of Eliquid and a tank I've been after for a while.

My PayPal account hates me.

Still going well?

mimita Fri 19-May-17 14:45:34

It's easy to get carried away isn't it! grin

All going very well thanks (still can't believe I don't miss the fags at all) though got some new flavours today I was really looking forward to (Digbys) and I'm just not getting much from them with the aspire kit. Think I definitely need to play around with different tanks & batteries - have ordered some sale stuff today that might help!

Jins Fri 19-May-17 15:20:25

You may have a touch of vapers tongue. grin

Although there are some flavours I struggle to taste at all and others are just too strong. It's all a learning curve.

Did you spot the 5ml nautilus on the link you posted? Absolute bargain that was. I've already got a spare so I resisted confused

mimita Fri 19-May-17 20:06:46

I did indeed purchase the 5ml nautilus grin I couldn't resist!

I also got one of these for a tenner

and then this
because it was a fiver! (links from a different site as the other is a pain to view)

No idea if they'll be any good but seemed bargains - really I should just save the money for an istick I reckon!

Yes to the vapers tongue I think that might be the problem sad Also as you say, I think that juice was just not for me. Can't get rid of the taste now angry

No more shopping for me for a while though grin

Jins Fri 19-May-17 20:48:10

The sub ohm kit for a tenner is an amazing bargain. The cleito is a great tank. The battery looks good as well and will do all an istick does

I like the occasional sub ohm vape but I ration myself because it uses a lot of juice. Make sure you use lower strength liquid with it though. I think they recommend 6mg max.

So tempted to go hunting again but I really have got all I need and I can always buy from fasttech or gearbest if I haven't

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