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OCD question about third hand smoke?

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user1491166506 Mon 03-Apr-17 03:32:01

Okay, so this might sound weird to some people but all the OCD folk out there will understand!

So due to a little bit of a house cramping situation and renovations, I am sleeping in my sister's room at my parent's house and my brother is sleeping in the room which is temporarily home to a lot of my posessions. There is a wardrobe and chest of drawers full of my things inside that room... Now, my brother smokes but does so outside the house, however his clothes heavily smell of smoke as they would do, my q. is... with my belongings all packed away securely inside the wardrobe and chest of drawers, is there any chance of third hand smoke contaminating them? I'm sorry if this sounds like a completely ridiculous q. but unfortunatey my OCD mind is keeping me up at 3.30am with these thoughts! Please help!

Also, he is currently just using the bed and tends to literally just use that area of the room so he's almost never near my stuff.

Thank you.

P.S. I am NOT trolling, as crazy as this may read to some, I have excessive OCD and stuff like this troubles me often. Thank you for understanding.

PoptartPoptart Mon 03-Apr-17 08:58:04

I would say that the chances of third hand smoke contaminating your belongings is negligible.
If he was actually smoking in the room then yes, but you say he doesn't do this.
His clothes will smell because they come into direct contact with smoke.
Your stuff is in the wardrobe/chest of drawers, presumably not touching any of his stuff.
The smell/toxins from the smoke on his stuff will not waft into the air, penetrate a wardrobe and cling to your stuff in order to do any harm.
You have my sympathies but please try not to worry about this.

user1491166506 Mon 03-Apr-17 17:15:30

PoptartPoptart Thank you so much! What you're saying does make sense and it made me feel better. smile Thanks so much for your reply.

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