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Getting rid of menthol taste-vaping

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MollyBloomYes Tue 21-Mar-17 22:34:41

I'm very new to vaping so bear with! I've got an Innokin Endura t18 (and love it, nice and simple!) As I used to smoke menthols I went for a mint tobacco juice initially. From what I can gather this may have been an error if I want to try other flavours!

What's the best way to clear the menthol taste-replace the coil? There's a custard one I can't wait to get going on!

Jins Tue 21-Mar-17 23:28:35

It's a new coil I'm afraid and a thorough wash of the tank. You'll not get menthol out of the coil. If I use a strong flavour in my Endura tank and there's still life in the coil I put it in a plastic bag to use with that flavour again.

I love custard. Which one have you got? Let me know what you think as I'm keen to try a few more

MollyBloomYes Wed 22-Mar-17 21:25:59

It's just an ignite one that was on offer at the shop. It's nice, not enormously strong but only the second flavour I've tried so sense I'll be exploring much more. Need to find a good online stockist...anywhere do sample boxes?!

I changed the coil but forgot to wash out the tank and actually, it's been fine. Slight minty taste on the mouthpiece but nothing when inhaled! Such a learning journey but don't even miss the cigarettes when I can have my nicotine in many exciting dessert flavours!

Jins Wed 22-Mar-17 21:46:23

Rejuiced do a well priced sample box

I've found a few others but they tend to be in lower nicotine levels

MollyBloomYes Wed 22-Mar-17 23:05:42

Ooh fab thank you!

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