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No cigs for 3 weeks using 0% nicotine vaping plus NRT

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DozyDotes Tue 14-Mar-17 13:13:39

I almost can't believe I'm able to say this. I've been smoking for around 30 years and have never been able to successfully quit for any length of time. Vaping seems to have changed everything for me. I'm in Australia so there are no vaping juices available with nicotine. I'm using nicotine gum occasionally but mostly when I feel triggered to have a cig I'm having a quick vape instead.

For whatever reason there are some days where I'll barely vape and other days where I'll barely use the gum. I seem to be okay as long as I know I have access to one or the other. I think it's been separating the habit from the addiction that is working for me. I realise it's still early days but I'm feeling so proud of myself. I never thought I would be able to kick my cig habit but for the first time I'm feeling truly hopeful.

I've even been able to be around smokers without wanting one. I think it helped that I had a puff on my sister's smoke a couple of weeks ago and it tasted so awful that I knew I never wanted to go back.

it's really the most amazingly empowering feeling to be rid of the cigs. Although they've banned nicotine juices here I hope they don't ban vaping all together. It's been life changing for me.

Jins Wed 15-Mar-17 20:41:58

Well done. It's interesting to hear that zero nic vaping works this way.

Australia has taken an approach that's so different from everywhere else. I wonder if it will change. I was watching an American YouTube vlog that talked about the UK being more enlightened about vaping and I realised that the restrictions we will have in May are nothing compared to other parts of the world

DozyDotes Wed 15-Mar-17 23:31:09

Thanks Jin's. I'm excited because this is the first time I've really felt that I don't want to smoke anymore. When I've attempted to quit before I've spent the whole time wanting a cigarette and have ultimately failed. Vaping has completely changed things for me.

I really don't understand why they have taken away the option to vape nicotine here. I think if I'd had access to vaping with nicotine I'd have tried this a whole lot sooner and would have begun to experience the health benefits much earlier. If you look at it as a whole journey towards becoming free of a nicotine addiction, then it would have been better for my health if I'd started vaping a year ago gradually reducing the nicotine percentages than continuing with cigs until now. I'm also still not nicotine free yet as I'm using the gum but I'm doing my best to reduce the amount I'm using.

If there are any smokers in Australia reading this I guess I just want to say that it's still worth trying. Hopefully they'll let go of some of the zealotry that goes on and start to see the benefits of this as tool for stopping smoking down here.

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