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A peculiar triumph :)

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FurryDogMother Mon 02-Jan-17 18:49:18

So, I dumped my 40+ yr smoking habit back in July and went on to full time vaping. Got myself down to 3mg juices. All great. Then the curiosity hit - you know the one - as a former smoker, you wonder what it would feel like if you tried it again - is the addiction still lurking there? Are you really over it? So...

I bought 10 cigarettes the other day. I smoked them all in one day. That wasn't my intention - thought I could try one and either throw the rest away, or just keep them for those moments when I really needed more nicotine than I get from my 3mg juices.

Dear reader - yes, I smoked all 10 in a day - but the last 2 were just to get rid of them. They bloody stank and tasted like something had immolated itself on my tongue! I started getting a heavy chest feeling, and it brought it home to me how much better I feel since I stopped. I can't say I enjoyed a single puff, although I thought I would - I thought I was giving myself a Christmas treat (telling myself I'd do this once a year as a little indulgence, a bit like having a cigar on a special occasion). I was so wrong - they were foul. And still - I could feel that old craving creeping back.

The good news (and boy, is it good) is that I woke up the next day with absolutely no desire to have a cigarette, and a renewed appreciation of the pleasure that is vaping. I finally copped on - cigarettes taste bad, they cost too much, they kill you, and all they do is line the pockets of some corporate arseholes who have no conscience. I can no longer fool myself - and I no longer feel as though I'm depriving myself of anything whatsoever (there was always that nagging feeling that I might be!).

4 days later and I don't regret having those 10 cigs - they've cured my curiosity, they've made me realise how far I've come, and they've reinforced my determination to never smoke again. Currently vaping Triphammer's Cream Tea 2 (@ 3mg), smelling like fresh scones, and so happy to know that tobacco is not going to feature in my 2017.

I wouldn't recommend trying a cig again after you make the switch, but I'm glad I did, because I feel so much more confident that I won't smoke again now smile

Anyone else gone through this? Thoughts?

OytheBumbler Mon 02-Jan-17 23:31:27

I started vaping yesterday on a cirro2 I bought from the co-op. On the whole (2 days in) Im not missing the cigs but I know the time will come. Sometimes the vaping just doesn't hit the nicotine spot, despite the 18ml liquid, but I'm hoping this will happen less and less.

In the past when I've given up before I've always ended up starting again by buying a pack of 10 to see what I'm missing. I'll then leave it a few weeks/months and buy another pack to just check. fgrin Then before I know it I'm smoking again.

I'm hoping this time with the vaping I won't slip back into that. I smoked for 27 years. I don't need to check what it was like, I did it for long enough.

Even now, talking about it, I want to nip outside and just check. blush

Smoking is such an insidious habit. Well done for staying free for so longflowers but don't get drawn into it again.

FurryDogMother Tue 03-Jan-17 12:05:51

I shan't - I can still taste how yucky it was, and I'm really not tempted to try it again. Best of luck with the vaping - I really enjoy it - today I'm on Triphammer's Raspberry Donut Yogurt, and their Cream Tea 2 - both of which are lovely smile I've got a Cool Fire 100w TC (temperature control) coming later this week, with a Cloud Beast (tank) to try on it (may need a more powerful mod to get the most out of it - any excuse to buy a new one!), so am looking forward to that. With the amount I spend on equipment (not so much juices now, as I have the stuff to mix my own) I couldn't afford to start smoking again! smile

OytheBumbler Tue 03-Jan-17 12:34:20

The raspberry donut sounds nice. I've ordered a few flavours from the onepoundeliquid shop to see which I like best.

What do you do if you don't like the flavour though? Do you have to vape it all before you can refill the tank?

FurryDogMother Thu 05-Jan-17 19:07:50

Basically, yes - either that or - if it's really bad - dump the liquid out! I've only ever had one juice that was that bad though (menthol tangerine - yuk!). My Cloud Beast etc. arrived today, as did my monthly Sizzlebox surprise selection - vaping 'Trip's Corner' - which is strawberry yoghurt, and very nice!

Still no desire to try smoking again!

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