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Stickytoffeepuddings Wed 28-Dec-16 10:05:36

Any advice and support will be appreciated enormously. So I have woken up this morning and decided once I finish this baccy packet that is it, started smoking again in April and been wanting to stop ever since.... no idea why I've kept going nor why today I'm not going to buy more but I'm not, so any tips on how to stop and stay strong will be hugely appreciated... looking forward to being free but a little anctious too, been mostly smoking in secret as I'm ashamed, so can't ask real life friends for support, many thanks

pizzaparty Wed 28-Dec-16 10:11:11

You sound ready to stop so that's half the battle, gave you read 'Allan Carrs easy way to stop smoking'? It's really boring but incredibly effective. I haven't smoked once in 8 years. I think you need to focus on the fact you're not "giving up" smoking because that makes it sounds like you're losing something, actually you're gaining freedom from a terrible habit that will kill you. And remember, non smokers go through stressful times, they go to pubs, they get anxious and they get through it all without smoking.

Stickytoffeepuddings Wed 28-Dec-16 11:36:20

Thank you! And re stress... smoking just adds to it, stressful to hide it from others, guilt of being so stupid is also stressful, I've read Alan Carr a couple of times in the past, really hoping to just stop rather than read it again!

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