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Please help me vape, Vipers!

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DirtyMartiniWithAnOlive Wed 26-Oct-16 21:49:47

I've actually NC for this because I'm ashamed of my smoking habit. I've smoked at least 10 menthol cigarettes a day since knowing my partner. To my shame, I've kept this a secret from him his olfactory sense aren't up to much which helps me get away with it

Anyway, I'm sick of it and I want to quit. I've bought myself a fancy gym membership and want to get as fit as possible and the smoking is getting in the way.

I bought a Vype pen in Superdrug today, it was half price at £10, and a set of sticks which are to be screwed into it (dark cherry).

I've been puffing on it flat out today- the upside being that I haven't bought/smoked any cigs.

What I would like is a bit of "laymans" information on proper vaping kits. I know I'll need to go to a shop at one stage and get the whole doodah, but looking at older threads the talk of all the different systems, coils, cotton wool etc is intimadating me massively. Please tell me an easier way to upgrade my kit (links would be v welcome) or maybe the vype is all I need?

Sorry for the long post and thanks if you've got this far wine

PolterGoose Fri 28-Oct-16 07:41:31

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

magimedi Fri 28-Oct-16 16:18:28

You may only need vype, as Polter says.

But a good independent vape shop will take the time to help you & explain what everything is & get you started on a refillable kit.

If you are in Sussex (either) PM me & I can tell you some good places to go!

Well done on the no cigs & don't worry if you do fall & have one, most of us dual fuelled for a while before giving up the stinkys 100%.

jeaux90 Sun 30-Oct-16 21:00:51

So I quit two years ago. What was amazing was ten motives with the menthol screw ins. I do have a tank but I just prefer the cigarette style of the ten motives and the product is amazing. (Also Sainsbury's and coop stock the screw in filters) anyway good luck!

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